Gang in Karachi Arrested for Sexually Assaulting and Blackmailing Women

Karachi Police have arrested four suspects on the charges of sexually abusing college students. According to the police, an illegal weapon was also found in the possession of the arrested individuals.


All four members are part of a gang that deceives women in the name of employment and kidnaps and rapes them. Amir Farooqi, DIG West, says that the suspects used to rape women at a farmhouse.

He further added that photos of the arrested individuals carrying illegal weapons were also found on their social media accounts. DIG said;

The suspects used to abuse women at a farmhouse, and we have found photographs of them carrying weapons on their social media profile.


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An FIR was registered against the suspects after which legal action was initiated. The police conducted the raid and arrested the suspects from the Samanabad Area of Karachi.

According to another source, the suspects have reportedly confessed to their crime as well. They made some startling revelations after an early interrogation to the police. The suspects told that a contractor, doctor, and relatives of a political leader are also involved in this heinous crime.

Furthermore, police told that videos of the suspect carrying illegal weapons and sexually assaulting women were also recovered from the farmhouse.


Via Geo



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