Toyota Cancels More Shady Car Bookings

Toyota Indus Motors Corporation (IMC) has been actively working to prevent profiteers from making further bookings so that their services can be focused entirely on their real customers – the customers who order cars for their personal use.

Retrospectively, IMC canceled around 1300 bookings from businesses and individuals involved in own-money schemes and soon after, suspended authorized dealerships which were involved in the same profit-making strategy.

More Bookings Suspended

The corporation is not quite done yet, it has canceled more similar bookings which the company suspected of being made dubiously. Their website is currently showing a public notice listing all the canceled bookings. The notice reads.

We are continuously striving to meet the expectations of our valued customers. As a first step, we identified and cancelled thousands of Provisional Booking Orders of Toyota Vehicles which appeared discrepant or booked by potential investors. This measure helped us facilitate and expedite the deliveries to our genuine customers.

We continue to monitor the various ways in which the suspected investors are exploiting the current market demand. As our next major step, in good faith and to the best of our ability, we prepared another list of orders on the basis of the information available to us, which in our opinion are discrepant and/or booked by potential investors for resale of the vehicles in the market, therefore we intend to cancel such orders and refund the amount paid.


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Brand New Cars in Pakistan

Due to these investors and their shady bookings, the deliveries and stock gets delayed for the actual customer. Buying a brand-new car in Pakistan gets very problematic due to the high delivery periods. Most orders take at least 3-7 months to ship.

The investors basically buy the cars at the company-imposed price to resell it at a premium to people who don’t wish to face the extensive delivery lengths.

If you are not an investor and recently made a booking for a Toyota vehicle, you should check the PBO listing to verify if your order number has been accidentally included in the list.

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