We Made a Mistake and We are Sorry About it!

We recently did a story about alleged links of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with Cambridge Analytica — the same firm that harvested over 50 million Facebook profiles to influence US elections.

We cited EuroAsia, a European website, for our story but as of now, the original story has been taken off their website. We got in touch with the management of the paper and have been told that the piece contains “information that cannot be verified”.

Hence, we now have no standing to back the report we filed.

Several newspapers and journalists across Pakistan reported the story with the EuroAsia article as the source but we hold ourselves accountable to our readers and we feel we let you down by not cross-checking the facts independently.

We genuinely apologize to our readers and the parties who were mentioned in the story. We assure our readers that we will keep doing our best to bring you verified information in the future.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • you idiot, you should have verified it first and then post it. 15 years I stopped reading DAWN new, 5 years ago, I stopped reading Tribune and now I guess its your turn.

    You continue to embed links to the story in your other news proving that you are not sincere in your apology. No wonder people are calling you Shahid Masood

    • Calling Aamir Attaa an idiot. Really ? lol …. Hats off to you my dear since Good brought-up and Amazing parenting is a luxury now a days and many like you cannot afford it.

  • Hey you are not Facebook and besides an apology will not cover up anything. I think you should be sued to teach you guys a lesson.

    • Bahi sirf name change kar k comments karnay ka kya faida, IP address tu same aa raha app k saray comments k sath.

      Sach Kaha tha kisi nay, Naqal k liye bhi aqal chyey hoti hay…

      We have policy of not blocking comments, and that’s only why all your comments with different names are here. But don’t exploit this feature of ours.

      • Yar ye others, auto, business or pata ni kia kia shuru kr dia hai is lye. Pehle Propakistani bari achi hoti thi sirf tech news k sath.

      • “We have policy of not blocking comments”

        Well, you delete most of the messages which goes against the political party you support. My comment on article related to “Shahid Masood” was removed. I did not use any offensive language there, it was just against what you was trying to establish in your article. and yes see below the comment you will never remove.

        “Kahan gya wo PMLUN ka chamcha!”

          • Thanks but it’s true my comment was deleted . Can you deny this, that you support/approve Pro PTI comments and any comment goes against Khan saab will go under strict editorial censor rules and most likely to be removed.

      • Dear Aamir:

        Whie I agree that you have the right to editorial scissors, and glad that you track IPs of people, I have noted myself that almost all of my comments against USA or international gang which is against Pakistan are always removed.
        Anything too hard hitting is always removed. All links to supporting documentation or videos is always removed.

        So dear in all honesty you cannot say you do not block any comments.

  • Sad to see so much criticism directed at Aamir for owning up to the mistake and practicing responsible journalism. Thank you Aamir, I hope we have the same level of professionalism amongst all media in Pakistan.

    • I agree. I think Aamir did a morally correct thing, and at least for me that deserves respect.

  • You didn’t make a mistake, you went out of your way to write a clickbait article with nothing solid to back your claims. I hate PML-N. but your article was a joke. With over 10 years of supposed experience, you should know better.

    • He always trying to find something that he can use to malign someone without even investigating first. He didn’t fulfilled the principles of Islam. Rather he should seek forgiveness from Allah and promise not to do this again. Also this article should be highlighted for atleast 3 days as he did when he was supposed to break “Mr Nawaz Shaeif”. Also please try not to write again in propti blog.

      • “We should avoid brushing off amir’s apology and be willing to show gratitude for getting up the courage to apologize and admit his mistake”.

        • Then why this courage for only one article? What about others where one sided picture of different events/cases is shown on purpose ?

          Level should be raised, this should not be as low where BOL, ARY, stand.

  • You aren’t sorry. U usually share every post on your Facebook page, but U didn’t share this post on Fb… What kind of sorry/apology it is? Shame on U proPk. A new low

  • Even if story was fake, it was very easy to believe it. If they dig, at least they will find some financial scam into it and some sort of ill intention behind it all. They do not want to improve schools and hospitals but distribute laptops. May be they think it will justify the big social media team they carry …

    • Many of the govt owned schools in kpk are being shut down due to the fewer number of students taking admission there since schools were built on hills with difficult paths to get there. And also in kpk when condition of patients get worst, doctors recommend to take patient to lahore or rawalpindi. And about sindh and balochistan conditions do not ask. Punjab is 100 folds ahead of all these provinces so shut the F up.

      • I live in Punjab, Lahore. And i am not sure from which angle you are saying it’s better “100 folds” than other provinces. Funny how people N-League supporter want’s to stay in their own paradise where ‘little improvements’ are considered as big deal.

        Please remove yourself off of this planet and be done with it.

            • Only a blind patwari or boot licker of Noon will attack someone’s personal life.
              Waise zara apne ‘walay’ banday k kaarnamay parhna jo k proven history k saath hain.

              * Call me a PTI supporter because I am not talking nonsense

              • There is no such thing as true personal life when you are a leader and inspiration for millions of people. What he is trying to teach people is f**k women and have illegitimate children or marry a Jewess and have gayboys or marry a dancing doll of bbc and then threaten her after divorcing her or marry a grave licking pinki-peerni ji after having an affair with her while she is still married to someone else. And on top of that that saadiq-o-ameen lies on every occassion. Current Cheap Justice is in his pocket who declared him an honest person. He is not.

              • Dude you exactly did the same thing in the first line. If you would followed your own “principle” nothing could have forced you to say what Talal said.

                You are PTI supporter in your posts, nothing to be ashamed but please go through your posts, it is contrary to what you are saying now.

                If you talk about the personal life then before PTI got active in politics personal life of Mariam Nawaz was not a topic and an issue for people of Pakistan, before PTI got active in politics number of marriages by Shahbaz Sharif was not an issue either.

                PMLN could have given a real tough time to judges before they could have decided declaring Imran “Sadiq & Ameen” if Imran’s personal life was brought into light, but they didn’t and it shouldn’t be.

                • I only support ‘sense’.
                  I supported Noon and even PPP for their good work in the past.

        • Visit KPK please someday. With some other overseas Pakistanis we did some work in my home town (I never lived there though but I love it), otherwise government’s contribution was literally zero.

          Be thankful to what Punjab is having, it is much better than rest of provinces of Pakistan.

          • Excuse me?

            Have you even visited any hospital in Punjab? Wait, don’t just ‘visit’. Have some of your ‘critical family member’ join you there. Then i will see how good you think of our medical institutions when you are NOT being selfish.

            Mind you, Punjab doesn’t just mean Lahore. Two of the (supposedly) best hospitals in Lahore, Mayo and General … they can be improved so SO much, yet our Government CHOOSES not to do so. To this date, MRI machines in any of the above hospitals are a disaster. Everytime they are either malfunctioning, or are so crowded that “the wail” kills you first. (My grandmother died inside General Hospital EXACTLY because of this).

            Heck, your beloved PML-N leaders always go out of country for their own check-ups. Ever thought why they never visit any local hospital?

            I haven’t even mentioned any other province. You and Talal are the ones who brought in KPK. My question is regarding Whole Pakistani standards. Have we fallen SO LOW, that such PUNY improvements (which aren’t even there) are now considered acceptable, in a 5 year … FIVE FREAKIN YEAR long ruling by a government?

            My Paki awaam disgusts me with this selfish thinking.

      • Dear Talal:
        After looting all of Pakistan’s money and spending it in one province, I would imagine Punjab should be 100 folds ahead.
        The only thing Punjab is 100 folds ahead in is looting and pillaging teh rights of other provinces, drinking their blood and then thumping their chests (like you) on how great they are).
        Its now the 21st century not ancient Egypt. People have access to free media and facts and figures, so please do not try to fool all the people all the time.
        Why not spend the money that Punjab actually earns in taxes, within the province, and let the other provinces do the same. Infact let’s do that right upto the city level.
        Then we can see how far ahead Punjab is in development. You have 60% of the country’s population, why not contribute 60% to taxes?

        • اچھا جی پنجاب نے تمہارا کیا لوٹ کر کھا لیا؟ تم لوگوں نے ایک ڈیم تو بننے نہیں دیا۔ تمہارے حرام زادے سیاست دانوں نے لوگوں کو پاگل بنایا ہوا ہے ہے کہ پنجاب نے اگر کالا باغ ڈیم بنا لیا تو پانی روک کر اور بجلی نکال کر تم کو پھوکا پانی دیں گے جس سے تمہاری فصلیں نہیں ہوں گی۔ چل مجھے یہ بتا یہ ’’پھوکا‘‘ پانی کیا ہوتا ہے؟ تم لوگوں کی اسی دلا گیری کی وجہ سے آج پنجاب میں پانی کی شدید قلت ہو گئ ہے۔ ان دنوں نہروں کی بندی ہے جب کہ گندم کی فصل کو پانی کی ضرورت ہے۔ لعنت تم لوگوں کے گندے وجود ہر۔

  • Great step, at least you backed off timely and propagated whole scenario, you could have taken off the story like EuroAsia. I suggest to base the articles on multiple sources and sensitive articles on more authentic sources. Keep up the good work.. :)

  • This happens when you “a tech guy” starts involving in local news and wants to become a newsreporter. You did good in tech news but sorry to say your reporting skills are only going down since you started working on local news and clickbait

    • The more traffic you get on site the higher the chances are to get direct ads from big corporations. Clickbait plays a great role in that.

  • I must say you should also appologized for using Former prime Minister Nawaz Sharif which is “X” indeed.

  • I have seen ProPTI people getting humiliated every now and then. It’s the culture promoted by their leader Imran khan that “ilzaam lagao buger saboot ke”

  • @aamir7:disqus Thanks!!, Kindly accept my appologies For calling you **** of IT. Almighty may clear all false allegations from Mian sb.

  • We all make mistakes every now and then. Realizing and accepting the mistakes is the right thing to do. More power to you Aaamir.

  • it’s great to see you accepting your fabricated (false) post / mistake.

    but this will always happen if you do not have a neutral stance on all sort of events.

    this tech site started losing its credibility when it started posting local / political news that too with their own conclusive view.

    the words like “highly unlikely”, “allegedly”, “might be” are used by amateur / biased reporters who instead of focusing on facts / proof(s) start emphasizing on their own state of thinking (people who have already decided that this blog post should be conclusive to my narrative only).

    ProPK can still be better if writers are being neutral and see all the parties / events on same scale.

  • Meh. At this point, I won’t be surprised if it does come out to be true. This kind of fixing is not uncommon in any country. But US had to have done it at a much much higher level than any other country, lol.

    No need to apologize, unless ofcourse, they are threatening you with a court order or something … which again, isn’t so surprising since that’s why our Cyber Crime law exists.

  • Admin is staunchly Pro army. The only reason he is apologizing is because it could impact his business(website). I think Nawaz Shareef is corrupt, but the army is draining our budget and weakening our democracy (as shitty as it is). But they won’t accept such criticism.

    • Can be seen in our country only, where baboons keep beating a dead argument that army drains our budget. You are right though. Army ate up all our budget and left no money for your father to buy a condom. Thats why, we have to suffer your presence today.

  • At least a very good gesture from any social media page but avoid political news on your page only provide creative and business news

  • Appreciated.
    “We should avoid brushing off amir’s apology and be willing to show gratitude for getting up the courage to apologize and admit his mistake”.

  • Jinho ne ghalat news pe maafi maang li un per b tanqeed… likin jinho abhi tk maafi ni maangi aur naa he article remove kiya woh issi tarah ghoom rhy hain… zbrdast

  • You guys!!!!your dumbness amazes me.Where is this level of self confidence coming from to sold lies to people.

  • If its about Nawaz Sharif. Its Okay. If these na ahal people can do whatever they want with the people we can do whatever we want with them.

  • Dear Aamir, you guys are doing great job. we always seek knowledge/updates from your site, apology accepted, it happens, just move on.

  • This is very shameful to take story without any check. kindly mention clearly we are sorry to Nawaz Sharif…… you mention his name in story.

  • Aamir first of all i appreciate that you have apologized for the blunder.
    Honestly speaking I wasn’t expecting this from your blog as it’s name says propakistani but you have done something that should never be published…..it should have everything thats the proud of Pakistan not a typical politicised news channel.
    I was thinking to comment when i read the blogpost but then i decide not to read your blog regularly as its not worthy.

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