Man Pretending to Be NAB Director Caught in Islamabad

In Islamabad, the anti-corruption watchdog National Accountability Bureau (NAB) recently arrested a man who thought he was going to get away with his crimes as the firm’s Director.

The accused, Jamil Ahmed, has reportedly confessed to his crimes as well after an initial inquiry. Ahmed told NAB officials that he blackmailed several individuals asking for money to close cases against them in the Bureau.

Legal action against the arrested accused has already been initiated, NAB said.

NAB released a statement about the arrest, detailing their progress on the case:

Intelligence Wing of NAB has arrested impersonator Jamil Ahmed on blackmailing people by declaring himself as a director of NAB.

It remains unclear whether the arrested individual used to work for NAB, and how he got access to confidential cases that NAB was working on during the time he was passing off as the firm’s Director.


The Public Can Now Directly Lodge Complaints to NAB

The Second Case of its Kind

This isn’t the first time NAB was invaded by a fraudster. Just recently, NAB Karachi arrested a man who was acting as the Assistant Director of the Accountability Bureau.

Shehzad Yousuf, the fake assistant director, racked up Rs 25 million in bribes from government officers, promising that cases against them will be closed. According to NAB, Yousuf received huge sums of money from government officials of Sindh and Punjab as bribe through bank transfer.

Upon complaints from NAB officers, the Bureau initiated an inquiry by tracking the culprit’s bank accounts. He was subsequently caught after their investigations revealed the truth.

NAB told the public to remain cautious about scammers pretending to be NAB officials. The Bureau further advised the public to lodge direct complaints about any such individuals who demand money, directly to NAB.

Via Tribune

  • What I want to know is whether action is being taken against the officials who bribed the guy thinking he was an official from NAB.

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