Shahid Afridi: I Am Not Interested in IPL

The Pak-Ind rivalry in the world of cricket has always remained as one of the most anticipated one. After yet another successful edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL), Indian cricket management is starting to sweat.

The trend of commercializing cricket was started when Lalit Modi — a renowned fraud — played an instrumental role in the launch of Indian Premier League (IPL). Following IPL, other Test playing nations also followed in the footsteps and Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) and Caribbean Premier League (CPL) were launched.

Pakistan was the latest country to join the boom of T20 league and in 2015, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was launched.

With each passing year, PSL has grown stronger with matches being shifted and played in Pakistan. This has hurt the reputation of IPL as the sole domestic league which could gather all the stars under one umbrella.

Talking about the comparison between both leagues, Shahid Khan Afridi had a few words to say.

Even if they call me, I won’t go to the IPL. My PSL is the biggest and there will be a time that it leaves the IPL behind.

I am enjoying the PSL, I don’t have any need for the IPL. I’m not interested in it and never was.

A number of international players who featured in this edition of PSL agreed that they would rather feature in PSL than IPL, if both competitions were being played at the same time.

On the other hand, likes of Ravi Bopara, Imran Tahir and Dwayne Smith have all praised the quality of Pakistan’s domestic league. They added that bowling attacks are ferocious, batting is simply sublime whereas the fielding is filled with agility.

Speaking about Pakistan national team’s T20 performance, former captain Waqar Younis also targeted IPL and stated:

The reason why our team is number 1 in T20Is is because they don’t participate in IPL. Because of not playing IPL, our boys are down to earth and they want to play international cricket.

Pakistan cricket is all set to aim great things in the near future thanks to the efforts made by Pakistan cricket management. The recent development made in this regard is Pakistan extending invitation to England to come and play a series on home soil.

Quotes via Saj Sadiq

Sports Analyst & Head of Sports Desk.

  • Ok first of all – Pak players were snubbed out of the IPL when none of the owners bid for them. All of them were available and willing to play in 2009 but no one bought them. In fact, Afridi was the favorite and predicted to go first at the highest price but went unsold. That was India’s way to boot you out. IPL has not made any offer to Pak players yet. They do not want you neither need you!

    • Not a big deal though. Even if i believe it to be true, this went in our favor..

    • Instead supported to Afridi you advised us that IPL not interested with Pak Players. (We always knew it)
      RIP : U should be raise your voice against india for Kashmir.

    • Pakistani players were snubbed from IPL not because they were incapable or in competant but only because of rivalry hatred & short sightedness of most indians. We understand indians are extremists with no sportsman spirit, india has invested a lot to destablize Pak, they even went for the cricket by attacking srilankan team in lahore. Still justified by: evrything is fair in love & war. But the rule may well be applied back. Dont weap at that moment. Situations change with time, this is Allah talah way, no nation on earth remains always high, so shall you. Correct your values as well, speaking good english doesnot mean you are smart, if Pakistani players donot have as efficient comunucation skills as indians & they are dumb, then what are you….as they brought u to dust. Hope it will not trigger the enmity inside u, just realize u r not super humans. Last thing..stop killing innocent kashmiries & free them according to their will.

      • @Khurram Khan – you said so many things out of your own imaginations ( or rather brain wash over the years about Indians) Lets put it this way and whether you believe it or not i’ll leave it to your wisdom. IPL is not inviting pakisthani players due to bad relations between two countries and there is absolutely no other reason. Its not a snub and we love sports and it is there to see. You said things like Indians are extremists and we have enmity in our hearts…… really ?? I dont think General Pakisthani people are bad or have enmity in their hearts. Same with India too Dude. However, there are some bad apples in both the countries and media is fueling the passions. We are busy with our own lives, we are more concerned about our kids educations, quality of life and most of the states in India are trying to attract investment and develop. Forget about neighboring countries, but competing with neighboring states to develop infrastructure, develop skill base, incubation centers, developing R&D centers, conserving forests, integrating rivers……this has been top most priority from last one and half decade in India. We have our own demons to deal with, we could have conquered development must faster had we not had these corrupt politicians. But it is what it is, we are in democracy and it takes time and eventually we will get over it. So…no hatred dude…Good day !

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