Oppo Launches Realme to Compete With Xiaomi

Oppo is launching a sub-brand called “Realme” which will focus on online sales and “unique” looking designs. Seemingly, the company will sell some of its original Oppo smartphones rebranded to “Realme” to help improve Oppo’s online presence.

Realme has announced its entry in India and has promised sturdy and good-looking devices for affordable prices. Huawei did the same and introduced Honor as its sub-brand, which sold its products through online retailers and its own websites.

black diamond realme

Not-so Unique

Chinese brands, such as Xiaomi and Oppo, are quite popular in India and other emerging markets such as Pakistan, which is why smartphone brands face tough competition in the budget segment. Realme took a stab at Xiaomi’s Redmi 5A (the phone on the left in the picture) by calling its design “generic” and boasted its own unique style.


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The company might call it “unique” but the phone in the poster, called Realme 1, is actually a rebranded Oppo A3 which was announced last month. Moreover, the brand also says that its devices have been made more durable and tested it out by doing “10,000 drop tests, 100,000 button tests, and 10,000 USB tests”.

Specifications & Availability

Specifications and details have not been revealed by the company for the Realme 1, however, we can expect it to have the same hardware as the Oppo A3. It will have a Mediatek Helio P60 chipset, 4 GB RAM, a bezel-less notched display, and a “Diamond” rear design.

oppo A3 design and display

Price has not been revealed as of yet and it will only be available for purchase in India exclusively through Amazon. Its price has not been revealed yet, however, it should cost around Rs. 37,000. Chinese brands eventually launch their non-flagship products in other countries as well so we might see it in Pakistan soon.

  • Design se nahi Hardware se kaam chalta
    Mind it


    Mi se Larr nahi Sakty

    Camera App de k


    • rite Abrar … but most of the users prefer better camera and better look bas :( , in short they really don’t know about spec. like chipset, GPU etc…

  • They were so dumb and lazy that they even tried to copy Redmi name
    Pethetic overpriced copycat smartphone brand

  • Nobody is willing to buy this realme 1 loser phone for 37000 with pathetic specifications when p20 lite sells for 36000 and don’t forget that’s it’s ddesign is better than realme and camera might also be better

  • The biggest perk of online selling smartphones is that their prices are lower. Companies like Xiaomi are able to do this by avoiding shop-sellers’ commissions, lower-portions and logistics cost. However, in my opinion, it won’t be an easy feat for a company like Oppo to rebrand their smartphones as online “Realme” phones with lower costs beacause it’ll damage Oppo mobile sales. Who would want to buy an Oppo A3(or other such phones with Realme alternatives) when it’s available online as Realme 1 for a lower cost? So Oppo wouldn’t lower the Realme phone’s price, thus killing the very reason people go towards online brands!

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