This Self Cooling Can is the Perfect Invention for Summer

7-Eleven, a popular American convenience store chain has unveiled a new type of self-chilling beverage cans that they’re calling “the answer to the world’s refrigerant induced global warming problem”. It can turn your drink ice-cold without using any sort of electricity, anywhere and anytime.

This technology is coming with the company’s coffee line, called the Fizzics Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee, and it will come in self-cooling cans. Watch the video below to see it in action,


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The can has been manufactured by The Joseph Company International, it works by releasing CO2 when a user twists its knob at the bottom.

When the knob is twisted, the can makes a “hissing” sound as the gas leaks outside cooling the beverage within it. According to reports, this can took 25 years to develop and took quite a chunk in manufacturing costs, it might take some time before the company starts unrolling it for other types of drinks.

Completely Ozone Friendly

Even so, this is a great invention as it can reduce the need for “retro” refrigerators that rely on HFC134A – a global warming catalyst that eats up the ozone layer and also allow people to carry their cans with them on a hot sunny hike without needing to worry about bringing ice packs.

Its potential is much higher, this technology can dramatically change how the world perceives the idea of refrigeration and push beverage companies to develop their own, more practical iteration of it.

The company did introduce a self-chilling Pepsi can earlier, but it worked similar to how refrigerators work by using HFC’s. Fizzics Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee can lower its own temperature by 30 degrees without any harmful gas emissions, and this process adds up to 150 grams to the beverage’s weight.

For more details about the self-chilling can visit this link.

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