Power Being Restored in Islamabad and Rawalpindi After a Complete Blackout [Updated]

Islamabad and Rawalpindi have suffered a complete power breakdown.

Citizens across the two cities reported voltage varying wildly before the power was cut off completely.

According to officials, an issue was reported around Rawat, causing the blackout in the twin cities.

Ground teams are already enroute to fix the issue but unfortunately, no expected time of resolution is available right now.


Several areas are reporting that power has been restored.

Update 2:

Power in most areas has been restored. Other areas will have their power restored shortly.

This is a developing story. We’re updating it as we get new information,

  • If Rawalpindi suffered complete power break down then how ProPk run Office ?
    Generator / UPS / Solar Energy ?

    • total blackout is total blackout….. what this have to do with time/duration???
      total blackout of a minute is still a total blackout for a minute. :P

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