Punjab Launches Women Helpline to Report Issues and Give Legal Advice

There is no denying that women in our society face discrimination and harassment on a daily basis. It is also shocking that the discriminant behavior towards the females at work and public places goes unchecked.

In fact, in most of the cases, the actual victim of such extraordinary behavior gets alienated while the society and the system protect the perpetrator. And even when women have the support of their family and friends, it isn’t easy to take legal action against the offenders.

To curb this behavior of discrimination and harassment in Punjab, the provincial government has worked with the FIA cybercrime department to launch a dedicated helpline where you can lodge your complaints with ease.


Following KP, Punjab Launches App to Combat Women Harassment

Punjab Women's Helpline

*The call is free-of-charge if you are calling from a landline, standard rates apply in case you are filing your queries from mobile phones.

The Helpline

In case you’ve to register your complaints, all you need to do is call the toll free number “1043”. The helpline is available 24/7 with all-women call agents. The team also includes three legal advisors, supervisors and management staff, who will analyze and process your complaints and inquiries on:

  • Workplace harassment,
  • Online harassment,
  • Gender discrimination,
  • Property disputes and inheritance rights,
  • Domestic violence,
  • Hostels, day-care centers and other facilities for working women,
  • Increasing women’s participation in government decision making bodies,
  • The quota for women in public sector jobs,
  • Skill development,
  • Changes in employment policies, and,
  • Various other economic and social issues.

The team will record your complaints and forward them to appropriate departments for action. The system guarantees the protection of your data and that it will be shared with concerned authorities only.

Visit this link for the helpline guides if you have any queries in mind. You can also lodge your complaints online at the following link or walk-in directly at the office to file your queries.

  • After submiting or registered a call,how much time authority will take to solve the burning issue.for example if a badly harrsssed women call for help then???

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