KIA Launches Grand Carnival In Pakistan With Starting Price Of Rs. 3.9 Million

The South Korean automobile giant, KIA is set to launch its top-notch cars in Pakistan and is looking to be the next big game changer for the Pakistani auto industry.

The company is internationally acclaimed for manufacturing some of the greatest passenger vehicles, which are both safe and technologically advanced, and is among the top 10 global automobile manufacturers.

We are talking about AAA grade products, KIA vehicles are equipped with the latest hardware that ensures top-tier driver/passenger comfort and unmatched fuel economy.

KIA Grand Carnival Launched

The multi-purpose Grand Carnival is set to hit Pakistani roads and has been launched by the company. It is a luxury car designed to provide both practicality for daily usage and robust performance for demanding roadways, the Grand Carnival is bound to give you the best-in-class motoring experience.

It’s not just a car, it’s a travel companion that can take you places while providing maximum luxury, economy, and style. And not just for you, you can now share your adventures with your family as the Grand Carnival can easily house up to 11 seats.

Its packed with pretty neat features, which have been absent in Pakistan’s auto market, including:

  • A 3.3L V6 Engine.
  • Dual Sunroof.
  • Tri Zone Climate Control.
  • Dual Airbags (option to upgrade up to 7 airbags available).
  • Infotainment.
  • Power Seats.
  • Cruise Control.
  • and much, much more.

Its massive, durable, and has a unique design that is sure to move heads on the streets. It follows international safety standards, so you can enjoy its V6-fueled performance while having the right peace of mind.

Best part? It’s available for test drive in Pakistan at KIA Shahra e Faisal dealership in Karachi and they are expected to start operations in Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad very soon.

You will need to register using the Kia Konnect app in order to book yourself a test drive.

KIA is set to break traditions of Pakistan’s current automakers, KIA cars will come with four years or 100,000 kms of warranty and a number of after-sale services. Moreover, buyers will also get two free services for their KIA cars.

The Grand Carnival has been priced at Rs. 39,99,000 for the base model and Rs. 47,99,000 for the Ex version, aka the high-spec version that comes with better hardware. KIA has inaugurated its first dealership in Karachi, at main Shahra-e-Faisal and more dealerships in Faisalabad and Lahore will be launched soon.

New KIA Design by Peter Schreyer

This company’s award winning products follow a unique design for both the interiors and the exteriors that focuses on ergonomics and simplicity making KIA cars both aesthetically pleasing while maintaining aerodynamic functionality. The entire current generation of KIA cars have been designed by Peter Schreyer, the mastermind behind Audi TT’s design.

Interbrand, the publishers of the Best Global Brands Awards have ranked KIA as the 69th most valuable brand in the world. Companies that are known to have a clear sense of their organizational strategies and are able to deliver exceptional customer service are included in Interband’s rankings.

KIA-Lucky Motors

The availability of KIA cars in Pakistan has been made possible thanks to the collaborative efforts of Yunus Brothers Group, one of Pakistan’s largest conglomerates, and KIA Motors Corporation. Both top-end companies have joined hands to bring an ultimate competitor in Pakistan’s lacking auto industry and will start supplying KIA vehicles in the country through imported CBU’s.

As the industry strengthens, the KIA-Lucky Motors will eventually move towards importing CKD’s in an effort to increase localization and reduce costs for the end-user. Until now, Pakistan’s auto sector has suffered due to lack of innovation exhibited by the existing auto companies, KIA will revolutionize the industry and allow international-grade vehicles to become available in the country to push both investors and competitors alike. Pakistani citizens will finally be able to enjoy reasonable pricing and technological features in their vehicles that have been absent in the motherland’s auto sector since decades.

High-end Lineup Now in Pakistan

KIA’s product range is diverse, from compact city cars to full size luxury sedans, there’s a whole portfolio for customers to pick from – and all within a budget, KIA vehicles are widely known for providing great value for money. Even though it’s just the Grand Carnival and Frontier truck being offered for now, we can expect the low-cost budget segment with all the high-end features launching soon in the Pakistani vehicle market.

Are you someone who prefers a cheap small car to maneuver through the city’s traffic? KIA Picanto has you covered, with its small body, advanced driver assist and safety features, and economical mileage it’s the best intercity companion for you. The company also has a solution for those with large families, KIA Grand Carnival will be available and has a host of luxury features for comfort, driver assist, safety, and unmatched durability.

Even if you are a loading business and need something sturdy to handle transportation of your inventory, you can go for a Frontier Truck, which is a reliable business partner with great durability and dynamic performance. The Design Award 2017-winning KIA Rio 5-door hatchback is also coming, with a host of advanced features including cruise control, keyless entry, rain sensors, steering wheel controls, and insane mileage.

Check out more details on KIA Pakistan’s official website.

  • 4 crore ki car. Sweet. The person wanting to buy such a car would be living in a 40 crore home and then why not buy a BMW or an Audi? A normal person with 4 crore would rather invest in 4 x 1 crore houses, or a Plaza or rather just anything else, than this car!

      • Oh damn. I didn’t realize. My bad. Just read this…

        “The Grand Carnival has been priced at Rs. 39,99,000 for the base model and Rs. 47,99,000 for the Ex version, aka the high-spec version that comes with better hardware. KIA has inaugurated its first dealership in Karachi, at main Shahra-e-Faisal and more dealerships in Faisalabad and Lahore will be launched soon.”

        and the 39,99,000 got me as 39 million instead of 39 lacs. It’s a damn cheap car! Sounds good to buy.

  • Just one question, why? Why aren’t Hyundai and Kia entering the small hatch back and sedan market.

    I guess they want to make a name for themselves as a premium car brand before introducing small cars.

    • because demand for those cars are very high and they cant opearte their plants yet,, it means they would have to import those vehicle,, then high demand would cost them huge custom taxes,, so they launched carnival which has lower demand right now,,, that way their repo and presence is felt by the customer and when they’d be ready to produce cars, it would be immediate hit…

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