Asus VivoWatch BP Brings Medical Grade Blood Pressure Monitoring & Stress Index

Asus unveiled a new sports smartwatch, called the VivoWatch BP, that is capable of tracking blood pressure and also has a de-stress index. It is an updated Asus VivoWatch – launched three years ago –  and comes with various fitness sensors.

The watch does not have advanced smart features, and the design is also bulky, but its key components include electrocardiographic (ECG) and photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensors that work in tandem to deliver accurate blood pressure readings.

Its display is housed within a fairly large bezel. There’s an ECG sensor on the front; users need to place their fingertip on it to get their blood pressure reading. It takes around 15-20 seconds, however.

Asus VivoWatch BP

AI, GPS, & Battery Life

VivoWatch BP works along with an AI-powered Android app, just like most fitness bands and smartwatches, and monitors your heart rate, de-stress index, fitness activity, and sleep quality as well. The app gets its data from the watch and uses a built-in HealthAI program to give recommendations on how you can improve your health.

If you plan on going mountain hiking, the watch also has a feature to count steps – its Android app gives you suggestions on how many steps you need to balance out your blood flow and also lets you know if you need to exercise.


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Moreover, it has a built-in GPS tracker, so you can share your location with your family members or colleagues in a remote mountain hike for safety.

Asus VivoWatch BP

Official battery figures promise that the VivoWatch BP can last 28 days under “normal usage”.

It will retail at a starting price of $169 (~Rs. 17,500) and is expected to hit the Asian market this July. However, it will get delayed till August in Europe, and for America, it won’t be available until next year. Apparently, USA’s FDA has still not approved this watch.

Check out Asus’ website for more details.

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