Galaxy S9 Now Comes in 24k Gold, Crocodile Skin and Platinum Builds

Just like the previous Galaxy S8 and S8+ duo, Samsung’s latest S9 duo is also getting gold, rose gold, and platinum plated version thanks to Truly Exquisite’s premium metal builds.

Depending on the size of your bank account, you can pick up to a 24K gold frame, with accented side buttons and designed carvings on the rear cover. The company is offering classy carved artworks, including a lion’s head and a dragon, but also lets you pick a custom design.

There’s a whole range of expensive metals and material finishes such as a crocodile leather back. The good thing is that these materials, even the genuine crocodile leather, and gold/platinum ones, allow wireless charging to work just as well.


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Truly Exquisite

The custom design option is also there and lets you pick your material and carvings. It takes 21 days to prepare before the phone gets delivered to you. Internal specifications are the same, you can get different storage options of either 64 GB or 128 GB. There are also single SIM and dual SIM flavors for you to pick from.

On to the pricing, the ultra-premium Galaxy S9s start at £2,300 (~Rs. 370,000) and can go up to a whopping £3,800 (~Rs. 620,000) depending on your selected options. There’s also an exquisite limited edition, you can get it before the stock runs out – only 99 limited edition units have been manufactured.

Check out Truly Exquisite’s website for more details.

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