Facebook Launches Its Own Interactive Game Shows

Facebook is rolling out a new “game show” feature that turns live videos into interactive quizzes in which the viewers can participate and choose their answers.

Much like the classical game shows we see (or used to see) on TV, participants stay in the show if they give the right answer or get kicked out for giving a wrong one. Facebook calls this feature gamification, and aims to allow viewers to interact with their favorite videos instead of just being passive spectators.

Interactive Videos

The “Game Show” feature comes with several different modes. Creators can also add polls to both live and pre-recorded videos that sum up the viewers response.

For now, gamification is only available to a selected few creators for testing. However, you can get access to it as well by applying for it online.


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Facebook’s blog post on the new interactive feature reads,

Our vision is to make video on Facebook truly interactive. Watching video doesn’t have to be a passive, one-way broadcast. We believe that many traditional formats — from game shows to reality TV and even scripted content — can be reinvented to be more participatory and community-centric.

New Game Shows

Facebook says that several new game shows will kick off in the coming weeks on its platform, all based on gamification, such as:

  • Confetti by INSIDER will award its winners cash prizes for answer pop culture questions correctly.
  • Outside Your Bubble by BuzzFeed News will allow users to peak outside their cultural divide and see what people think on different sides of the globe.
  • What’s in The Box by Fresno, as the name suggests, asks its viewers to guess what’s inside the box.

For more details, check out Facebook’s blog.

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