Samsung Galaxy S10+ Could Come with a 6.44-Inch Screen

The Galaxy S10+ will be much bigger than the S9+ and might come with a significantly larger display.

A noted Korean publisher, called The Bell, says that Samsung’s upcoming flagship will feature a screen size larger than the current Note 8 phablet, measuring at 6.44-inch (S9+ has a 6.2-inch panel, and Note 8’s panel measures 6.3-inch).

Samsung recently filed a patent for a bezel-less, notch-free phone – the S10+ might be the one coming with that design, as the patent suggests trimmed bezels and a large display on the front. The Note 9 is highly likely to not be the one coming with this design, as it’s expected to launch soon in August, whereas this patent was filed only a few days ago.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ concept design

Additionally, this rumor also suggests that the Note 9 will have a larger display than 6.44-inch because the Note lineup has usually been larger, and more phablet-like to work alongside Samsung’s signature S Pens.

Some Specifications

Some market experts also leaked some design schematics of the upcoming iPhone trio – the high-end iPhone for this year is expected to have a giant 6.5-inch display. As Samsung always competes with Apple in the smartphone market, the company will surely put at least a similar panel on the Note 9 to help it compete with the plus-sized iPhone.

Aside from the other specs of the S10 siblings, Samsung might be going for some sort of 3D sensing hardware – for both AR and facial recognition – in order to maintain its market presence in front of its compelling rivals. Another rumor suggests that the S10+ won’t be coming with a fingerprint sensor, which is why facial recognition is highly likely.

We also expect Samsung to bring something major this year, as the S10 will mark the whole lineup’s 10th Anniversary and it’s possible that the company might bring an all-screen phone similar to Oppo’s Find X. Let’s wait and see.