Rains in Lahore Wreak Havoc on Infrastructure Across the City [Pictures]

Lahore has experienced rains measuring up to 252 millimetres in the last 24 hours. Following these rains, the city’s infrastructure was left in shambles, with many roads flooded and even broken, and exposed electricity wires that claimed the lives of 6 people.  Reports say that as many as 150 electricity feeders across the provincial capital tripped during the recent rains.

While the rain provided a soothing relief for some – the severe heat was becoming unbearable during the past month or so – it also exposed the poor administrative efforts on part of the authorities. It didn’t help that a faulty drainage system lead to inconvenience for millions of residents throughout the city.

Here’s a resident of Lahore guiding the viewers through the absolute wreck:

The claims of Lahore’s comparison with Paris were brushed aside when the first spell of torrential rains struck Lahore. Many people bashed the outgoing government for not doing much for such situations.

flood in lahore road

Vast puddles of water accumulated on a number of roads affecting the traffic, especially for those traveling on motorbikes.

Flood in lahore road

man bike drowned in lahore road after rain

Some people compared Lahore to a flood-drenched Venice, instead of Paris.

lahore rain flood latest

This was Mall Road, Lahore right during the rains, crater in the middle of the road and all.

Lahore mall road flood latest pic

The streets are still filled with water, with more rains expected in the coming days.

lahore streets filled with water flood

It is high time the drainage system needs to be upgraded.

flood in lahore

Man on wheelchair at flooded lahore road

Seeking a respite from the unbearable sun of the past few months, some residents waded into the water.

Childrens swimming in lahore roads after rain

Underpasses in Lahore present a dismal picture.

Lahore Underpass flooded with water after rain

What do you think of the recent rains in Lahore. Share your views in the comments section.

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