Mobile Taxes are Not Coming Back Till Next Order: Chief Justice

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar, today remarked that an impression is being given that mobile taxes are suspended temporarily and that they will be back soon. “Taxes are not coming back until next order”, he specifically said while hearing a different case today.

It may be recalled that mobile taxes were suspended in Pakistan on June 13th, 2018 and a hearing was supposed to take place within this week where the future course of mobile taxes was to be decided.

As per our sources, the hearing date is not fixed yet and the  suspension of mobile taxes will go on until a new mechanism of taxes is decided by the apex court.

FBR was directed to submit a proposal on how government can tax mobile phone users while keeping in mind that those who don’t fall under taxable income are not taxed.

FBR will submit a response in the next hearing, which could be scheduled any day now. However, until a decision is reached and an order is passed, current suspension of mobile taxed will continue.

If you are looking for a background on the suspension of taxes or what we think about the future of mobile taxes, you can read our previous coverage here.

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  • Again! Zong and other operators are charging full amount on their all in one bundles. At Rs 378 (500 recharge), we used to get their all in one package but now they deduct the full 500 when you subscribe. Someone needs to bring this to CJ’s attention

    • Yes – I agree – Pls Aamir Attaa can you help us to to bring this News (Badmashi) to CJ’s attention.

      • Warid is not demanding a balance of 1100 as a security depost from pre to postpaid j300 conversation previously it was. 750 also a rize of 50%

    • Yes agree, when taxes were active 378 PKR were charging by Mobile Operators, means such changes to Operator 1000% profit in this year. Govt get nothing out of this big money, PTA already a flop authority again an audience in this case., better suggest Network Switch On/Off authority must be dissolved otherwise such taxes may be more and more increase with no reason. I dont know why CJP didn’t asked Operator/PTA to pay back all money took on name of service/admin taxes.

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