Pakistan is Getting 8 Submarines from China Under Project Hangor

China is giving Pakistan 8 new military submarines, in order to strengthen the country’s marine warfare capability.

The submarines are being built by China-based shipbuilders under Project Hangor, and these military assets will be handed over to Pakistan, sources said.

As of yet, Pakistan’s navy forces possess 10 submarines. Both countries have supported each other financially and militarily over the years and also have close strategic relations.

China-Pak Projects

Only a week ago, Pakistan launched 2 satellites with Chinese help. The satellites were on-board the Chinese Long March (LM-2C) Vehicle, while the PRSS1 – Pakistan’s first optical remote sensing unit – was developed by the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST).

It was launched from a China-based space center, called Jiquan Satellite Launch Center.

Moreover, as part of the CPEC program, the Pak-China Fiber Optic Cable was also recently inaugurated. The cable connects Pakistan directly to China via an 822-kilometer cable, that goes from Rawalpindi to Khunjerab.

A number of Chinese automakers have also entered Pakistan. Some of the companies have already received the state’s approval, and have been awarded a Greenfield status to set up their respective factories for the local market.

Some of the Chinese companies that are going to unveil their product for Pakistan include DFSK, Luoyang Dahe, Lifan, Foton JW, JAC, and Changan.

  • Chinese military hardware has improved a lot over the years, it’s at the top 3 now. Some of it’s destroyers are one of the best like the type 55 Destroyer and has more submarines than US Navy! These submarines will definitely help in modernizing our Navy and marine capabilities.

  • Very good, the neighbour country of Pakistan ever looks the need of the country. But China should also do one most urgent PITY, MERCY, GENEROUS JOB for Pakistan: China should depute about 100 experienced CHINESE POLITICIAN who well know, how to run a country and Kick out all stinky, rubbish, filthy, jaundiced, paralysed, daku, choor, Luchhay, Lafunggay politicians and bureaucrats of Islamabad & Rawalpindi into Arabian sea and take over the administration of this country. This is need of the time & people of the country.

    • Do you know what communism is? Because that’s what China will bring to this country if you ask them to rule over us. Our current political situation looks bad but communism will be a hundred times worse. China doesn’t do charity. It has killed its own citizens en masse for even speaking out against the government, it heavily censors the information on the internet for its citizens, and generally wants to control what its people see and hear. Don’t believe me? Just Google “Tiananmen Square massacre”. It’s just one of many, many incidents like this that we don’t hear about because Chinese media is not independent and cannot even report on this stuff.

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