Police Arrest Members of Gang Which Stole 2000 Bikes Over 25 Years

With a huge number of motorcycles snatched every month, many of us have often wondered if there was a place where thieves would often offload their stolen goods. A recent development may finally point law enforcement authorities in the right direction.

Recently, the Anti Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) has arrested two motorcycle thieves who have stolen as many as 2,000 bikes over the last 25 years.

The criminals, Mohammad Ashraf Khokhar and Sabir Khokhar, were apprehended following a raid in Korangi, Karachi on Saturday.

The two are reported to be a part of an inter-provincial gang. They also confessed to having links with two more individuals Ataullah Brohi and Zafar Brohi, their counterparts in Balochistan.

The investigations revealed that they have female members as part of their gang as well and that they sell the stolen bikes for Rs 5,000. The two were out on bail, as they had been arrested earlier as well, before they were taken in by the ACLC authorities.

Pakistan Rangers has been doing raids throughout the city in a bid to curb street crimes following which 13 suspects have been taken in. Earlier, the paramilitary force arrested 4 members of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan in Salfia Colony. Two others were apprehended for murder in Jamshoro while six criminals were arrested for their involvement in drug peddling.

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