IBM Claims Its 19TB SSD is a Tech Breakthrough

IBM looks all set to introduce a new generation of its FlashSystem SSD storage, using magnetoresistive RAM, or MRAM, rather than the traditional DRAM platform, following its agreement with Everspin. The first product born out of that partnership is the new 19 TB NVMe SSD, though, lower 4.8 TB and 9.6 TB capacities are also available.

About MRAM

Although it is quite old, MRAM has always trailed DRAM due to its density constraints. Everspin, however, is able to deliver MRAM using GlobalFoundries’s 22nm procedure, which has allowed it to reach higher capacities than before.

In smaller capacities, MRAM is known to offer one of the fastest and highest-enduring storage solutions, which are benefits that can be expected from IBM’s new products. Because MRAM is non-volatile and hence doesn’t lose its storage in the event of a power loss, IBM has been able to get rid of supercapacitors. Unfortunately, any speed improvements aren’t announced by the company as of yet.

Tech Specs

The SSD uses four lanes of the PCIe 4.0 interface, which can be arranged in two separate lanes of 2 ports each. It comes with a 64-layer 3DTLC NAND component for its flash storage, alongside a 20-channel NAND interface. There’s FIPS 140 encryption, as well as 3:1 optional transparent compression.

Unfortunately, pricing details haven’t been released as of now. We likely won’t be waiting much longer, as the SSDs are slated for release later this month. The announcement won’t immediately bring MRAM into the mainstream, but hopefully, it is a start for faster, better-lasting devices.

Via AnandTech