Intel’s Revolutionary 32 TB SSD is the Densest Storage Ever Made

Intel has continued to bring massive innovations in its SSD technology, this time unveiling a unique “ruler” SSD, with a ginormous 32 TB of storage. Apart from its unorthodox design, it also takes the accolade of being the world’s densest SSD.

The new Intel SSD DC P4500 makes use of 3D NAND technology, stacking up to 64 layers of memory cells on top of each other to help create a product which resembles a 12-inch ruler. In data centers, up to 32 such SSDs can be joined together to form a massive petabyte of storage.

Better Than Conventional 1 PB Solutions

Another added benefit is its low power consumption, which is just one-tenth that of a conventional hard drive when placed in the 1 PB solution.

It also emits half the heat of a conventional SSD, which can bring substantial cost savings when it comes to deploying cooling solutions. The eccentric design itself has its uses, consuming just 1/20th the space compared to the competing storage solutions.


IBM Claims Its 19TB SSD is a Tech Breakthrough

Wayne Allen, director of data center storage pathfinding at Intel, says,

A new form factor itself isn’t all that exciting, typically. But because [the ruler] impacts everything about server design and helps increase performance and reach new levels of density, it’s a big deal. We’re redesigning the data center with this — that’s the most fun part of it for me.

Already in Use

Companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Tencent are already using Intel’s new SSD for cloud and data center operations, however, it remains to be seen whether they disrupt the consumer market markedly in a more compatible form (at a foot of length, it likely won’t find a way inside most PC’s anyway).

With Samsung also set to produce its terabit-chip SSDs, it is clear the market is ready for some upheavals.

Via Intel Newsroom