Concept Renders Show Off Samsung’s Foldable Phone

Dutch website NieuweMobiel has given us an idea of what the upcoming folding smartphone by Samsung will look like through concept renders. The new smartphone has been reportedly named Galaxy X, however, there are rumors of it being called Galaxy F – the name of a canceled phone – with F for folding.

The renders have been created based on the previous schematics and the patents filed by Samsung for folding smartphones and these are shown in all positions.

As Good as it Gets

This means that the renders are as true to the real models as possible, and give you an idea of what they’ll look like on release.

Let’s have a look at the concept renders released by the Dutch website and its partner Jonas Dähnert:

While there are still rumours, the handset may well be officially introduced by the Korean giant Samsung in January at the CES 2019.

The Differences

The concept renders show that the handset does not fold fully, which means that media control buttons are always visible. Here’s where the concept renders and patents diverge. The renders show that the phone doesn’t fold fully however the patents filed by Samsung did show the phone folding flat.

You’ll also notice that the back of the phone in the concept looks just like the recently unveiled Note 9. This doesn’t mean that Samsung’s upcoming phone will also sport that design. This is just a what-if.

Rumored Specs and Price

With dual cameras on front and back and fingerprint sensor on the back, a 21:9 aspect ratio, 1440 x 3360 resolution, battery capacity between 3000-6000 mah and a 7″ screen, the handset promises to be a stepping stone for Samsung to capitalize further on the future foldable smartphones market.

The tech gurus are predicting the price to be $1,850.

Via GSM Arena

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  • Samsung already din’t catch the market with galaxy & note series.
    This fordable model will flop in the market.

    • OA

      Didnt catch? you think Galaxy and Note series failed?

      • Means : Samsung didn’t sold the target % phone.

        • CaR M0nitor

          how on earth can u say this with confidence??? whats the proof of that???

        • CaR M0nitor

          what makes you say that this fold-able phone concept would fail??? whats the argument???

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            Wahab is working with Apple.

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          • As on today !
            Market are totally dependable on notch, full view, bezzel less mobile set.
            Flodable mobile time has gone & like NOKIA 3310 New version people buy it but not to gain a huge records.
            It will sale flodable mobile but it can’t get the market profit / interest

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              haha,, you’re comparing this concept with phones of 2004???? its like burning a cigarette with a gas cylinder,

              • U Will See it the losses of Foldable Phone In Market