Pakistani Owned Properties Worth Rs. 4.2 Trillion Traced to Dubai

Ever since Imran Khan has come into power, the austerity drive and the task of bringing back looted money which is stashed abroad are among the top priorities for the new government.

While there was early progress on the austerity drive – advertising the auction of expensive vehicles of PM House and cutting down expenses – the efforts to bring back the illegal assets back to the country was still under question. The efforts have started to bear fruit as Pakistani authorities have traced 2,750 properties in Dubai amounting to a massive Rs 4.2 trillion.

The authorities, including the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) have started taking action against 5,000 extremely rich Pakistanis who have acquired properties in UAE by violating Pakistani laws.

The authorities have already discovered properties worth Rs 4.2 trillion and inquiries have been initiated through field offices. Earlier, the FIA initiated criminal inquiries against 662 property holders, however, these had to be stopped due to the tax amnesty scheme 2018 and non-provision of data by the Dubai Land Department. These inquiries have been reopened now.

The anti-corruption wing of the FIA has started crackdown against 621 properties revealed by another source. The confidential report revealed that:

FIA has till date, taken cognisance of 2,750 undisclosed properties (apartments etc.) of Pakistani nationals held in the UAE on various names and inquiries are underway.

Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) Rules have been drafted by amicus curiae, Ahmer Bilal Sufi, which will be used to make MLA request to money-laundering havens to recover illegal assets. The MLA Rules need to be approved by the apex court of Pakistan before sending requests.

The report mentioned that Pakistanis own property worth $150 billion (Rs. 18.47 Trillion) in the UAE, $100 billion in the US and UK, and $200 billion in Switzerland.

Assets worth Rs 1,003 billion ($8.1 billion) were declared by Pakistanis in the tax amnesty scheme 2018 and a majority of these were in the UAE. The report recommended expansion of the scope and the terms of reference and these should not be limited to the UK and USA as Pakistan is among the top 3 money-laundering source countries – as per the British government.

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    • We should ask UAE to pay us the money through a direct government transfer one time, and they can get the money by confiscating all the properties form their Pakistani owners and reselling in the international market for much higher prices, as the prices of the property must have risen many fold since their original construction.
      Both Pakistan and UAE will gain, and the thieves who stole the money in the first place (like Zardari, Billo Ranee, Nawaz, Ishaq Daar) will pay a dear price that they should!
      As a trading and business-driven country UAE would never like to be blemished as a country that protects stolen, illegal, black money or laundered money which is globally illegal and may cause it problems in future and tarnish its reputation!
      And as they are our brotherly Muslim friends, I am sure this should not be a problem at all.
      PM Imran Khan should talk directly with Sheikh Muhammad on this.

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