United Bravo Launched in Pakistan, Here’s How it Compares Against the Competition

United Motors has finally launched the much-awaited United Bravo in Pakistan, and held an official launch event this Saturday in Lahore.

The 800cc hatchback is meant to compete with Pak Suzuki’s Mehran, that has remained a top-selling unit in the local industry since over two decades. United Bravo comes with a number of improvements in comparison to its rivals, such as better safety and drive-assist features.

United Bravo Features

We already know most of its details, thanks to leaks and rumors that came in earlier ahead of its official unveiling.

As seen earlier, Bravo is a rebadged Dahe 350, a China-made hatchback, that has a familiar 3-cylinder Euro II engine capable of producing 50 bhp and 60 nm torque – a similar engine is present in the Suzuki Mehran.

United Bravo — A Comparison

As predicted, the new hatchback has significant changes over its rival, it features power steering, power windows, central locking, fog lights, rear view camera, alloy wheels, and a touchscreen media panel on the console. And all that at a decent price of Rs. 850,000, as announced by United at its Lahore event.

This could make things unfavorable for Pak Suzuki, as United Bravo has an aggressive price, and costs almost the same as a Mehran VXR (the air-conditioned variant). Additionally, the car is also expected to affect Suzuki WagonR – another hatchback with a price starting at Rs. 1,114,000.

Its a relatively newer addition to Suzuki’s lineup, made available a few years ago, though it saw a massive 82% increase in sales volume in 2017. It has a 1000cc K-series engine, and comes in two variants, namely VXR and VXL.

Do note that even the WagonR VXL (the higher variant, price Rs. 1,234,000) lacks several features that are present in the United Bravo, such as power windows for all seats, rear camera, and a modern infotainment system. The price difference between the two cars is pretty significant at Rs.  384,000.


We’ve drawn a comparison chart for you to compare the three cars, and check the feature list for yourself below:

Feature United Bravo Suzuki Mehran VX Suzuki Mehran VXR Suzuki Wagon R VXR Suzuki Wagon R VXL
Displacement 800cc 800cc 800cc 1000cc 1000cc
Transmission 4-speed 4-speed 4-speed 5-speed 5-speed
Power steering X X
Power windows All four seats X X X Only front seats
Central locking X X X
Air conditioning X
Rear window defroster X X
Security alarm X X X
Keyless entry X X X
Touchscreen infotainment X X X X
Alloy wheels X X X X
Reverse camera X X X X
Price Rs. 850,000 Rs. 726,000 Rs. 840,000 Rs. 1,114,000 Rs. 1,234,000

Suzuki has already decided to discontinue Mehran VX and VXR by the end of April next year. Though in addition, the company might also need to make changes to its WagonR in order to compete with United Bravo.

Its launch could make a bigger impact in Pakistan’s developing auto market, and is expected to push other key manufacturers to focus on delivering features instead of  the usual degraded products that have been continuously sold locally.

What’s your opinion on the newly launched United Bravo? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

  • Well, I was expecting it to be around 10-10.5 Lacs.
    But Bravo… (Pun Intended) & its OK looking too, I mean its not flashy, Interior looks fine and the features it includes will save us around 50-60k.(Alloy wheels, Infotainment, Air con, Camera, Fog lights etc)
    that is a stain suzuki will find hard to wash away. Quality is not a huge challenge since the manufacturing quality of suzuki is a lot worse.
    They just sugar coated the whole Not a japanese quality car with that price tag & I think it is gonna stick.
    Well played United…

  • I pray it gets good sale and after-sales feedback. United will have to work hard for not getting it a fate like “Adam Revo” if anyone remembers it

    • Yea, pretty sad. Adam revo was even a bigger achievement than this is. It was first pakistan only car and not a copy of some chinese car

  • As Re-sale and parts problem i think we create the market. This is sick mentality to match everything with resale value. Are you using it or from day one trying to sale it. Please come out that illusion of resale saga.

  • well played bravo,,, Pakistani’s are an extremely price sensitive market.. they have given a very very competetive price. now the only thing left is after sales. which will be good once the mechanic badsha says, its a good car, easy to fix, with cheep parts available… best of luck bravo…

  • میرے خیال میں قیمت کم ازکم 1 لاکھ زیادہ ہے کسی صورت بھی 8لاکھ کو ٹچ نہیں کرنا چاہیے تھا۔ میری معلومات کے مطابق حکومت نے یونائیٹڈ کو اتنی زیادہ قیمت رکھنے پر مجبور کیا ہے کیونکہ دیگر کی موناپلی کسی طوربھی توڑنے کے حق میں نہیں ہے۔ اب دیکھیے عوام 800 سی سی اس قیمت پر خریدنے کے لیے آمادہ ہوتی کہ نہیں
    لیکن یونائیٹڈ مالک اس قیمت پر خوش نہیں ہیں

    • mery khyall main ap thory information hasil kar lia kareen aur…har cheez Governemt par matt dala kareen….

      • Meray khayal main aap bhi information lay lain kahin se.
        Expected price is ki MAX 750k thi industry experts k mutabiq.

        • expected price main aur Company price main farq hota hai……. yahan par aik car par 200-300% tax lagta hai……KAheen sa jo information laty hain wo phir ap ki tarah har cheez govt par daal daty hain…,,,,

  • Mehran was best seller from last 2 decade because there wasn’t any alternative in this price range, not because it has best quality or it was most loving car just like honda cd70 bike.

  • Pakistani people love other cars brand ,like Honda ,Toyota ,Suzuki its foot able company man easy buy this company cars

  • wow! great features as compare to Mehran lets see whats their next agenda to rule the market and may they win hearts of pakistani awam

  • Now when u won’t be able to book a mehran, bravo remains the only option whether u like it or not, and that’s a problem u know, because they r a new comer, they need to settle a lot of things, most important of all is quality, people can’t send a message now that bravo has a bad quality so we are choosing mehran, because mehran is no longer available so u r forced to buy bravo which means United will no longer care for what u think, more worrisome thing is that they won’t be able to supply enough if the thing becomes a success, so used mehrans and Altos will become expensive and here u go, u got no option again, soon u will be waiting for some other car manufacturers to introduce another car to break this Dynamics, what a misfortune

  • Today i called united for booking detail
    They said you have to book through dealer which is not good idea.
    300,000/- for booking

  • Finally there is a competition now as Suzuki was playing as a GRAND MAFIA in Pakistan auto industry.

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