Punjab at Risk of Floods as River Levels Rise

The water levels in rivers Sutlej, Ravi and Chenab have risen following the huge inflow of water from the Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) owing to the release of water downstream. IoK witnessed heavy rainfalls in the recent days, causing the authorities to issue flood warnings on the banks of these rivers.

Sialkot, Multan, Jhang and Chiniot’s areas near the river banks are expecting to flood in the next 24 hours and the authorities have warned the residents to move to safe locations.

The livestock department and Rescue 1122‘s personnel on leaves have been called back to deal with the situation effectively.

Chenab’s flow has witnessed a four-fold increase, with its current height recorded at Marala Headworks near Sialkot to be 60,000 cusecs. The river has already destroyed crops in the adjoining areas after it overflowed.

Mohammadwala Headworks near Multan level reached 110,000 cusecs, with the risk of further increasing water level. This development has sent a wave of fear in the nearby areas, with many people beginning to evacuate their places.

Qadirabad Headworks is expected to release 97, 579 cusecs of water into Chenab near Chiniot in the next 24 hours which might lead to flooding in the nearby settlements. The authorities have already issued flood warnings, advising the residents to move to secure locations at the earliest.

Via Samaa

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  • Sahi Ye Hota He Rahyga Agar “KALA BAGH DAM” Nahi Banega

    • Bilal Khan

      Right, agar kala bagh dam hota tu daryae sindh mein pani rok kar seelab agay jany se rok lety.
      abhi ye selab lower punjab aur sindh ko zyada nuqsan pohnchaye ga.
      magr sindh gov. stupid log, ye nahi samajhty aur dam k khilaf qaradad le ayee

      • Ye Sindhi Mante Q Nahi KALA BAGH Dam Ko ?

  • Junaid

    KALA BAGH … these two words are the solution. All this water to waste which can be collected and saved.. Shame on ANP for putting hurdles for kalabagh. ANP is full of traitors and their objection is that some graves of their ancestors might get damaged… full idiots.

    • ahmadnowaz

      Kalabagh dam is irrelevant here as astern rivers have nothing to do with it.

  • Bilal Khan

    height of kala bagh dam = 905 ft
    height of nowshera dist = 1050 ft
    150 ft difference over the kala bagh dam