PITB Invited To Automate Federal Health Setup

Federal Minister for National Health Services Aamer Mehmood Kiani invited Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Chairman Umer Saif and his team to automate federal health setup and introduce innovative technologies.

Dr. Saif briefed the minister about multiple successful initiatives that have been implemented by PITB in Punjab, primarily focusing on Hospital Information Management System (HIMS).

This system is meant to reduce the load on big hospitals such as PIMS and Polyclinic and has successfully been implemented in 25 DHQs in Punjab.


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He proposed automated managing of the workflow of patients as a key factor to reduce the patient load.

The federal minister appreciated the innovative efforts implemented by PITB and encouraged its team to work with the Federal Health Setup to improve access of common man to best health facilities. It was committed that all the health facilities in Islamabad territory will be integrated using stat of the art technologies.

Information technology integrated ambulance system and bed registry will also be established in the capital city.

  • One more Naya joke !

    Can PITB tell the public how much it spent and what it has actually achieved in the last 7 years besides PR?

    Look at the IT minister himself- well look at the Rs 55/mile helicopter PM!

    Naya Pakistan is already a big disappointment.

    • Bhai citizen data successfully export kiya ja raha hai right under the noses of all those patay khans weaing black coats or khaki. Aur kya achieve karein ab? Big data, invaluable surveillance opportunity, jahil awam and someone afar must be laughing his heart out in his comfy reclining chair.

      kisi ko kaho na k your privacy is sacred and must be secured and protected at all costs – tu vo bc agay sy kehta hai k tu phir kya hojaeyga. Inn doulay shah k chuhoun ko facebook ki US election meddling ki story bhi samajh nahi ayi.
      mir bhi kya saada hein, howay bemaar jisky sabab
      usi attar k lounday sy dawa letay hein

      • Right. Now why would Google award $200K in “research” to a Punjab government high official with multiple titles? And why would he not disclose it in Pakistan but mention this proudly in a gora sahib interview?

        Well we have foxes guarding the chickens, because well…. that’s what chicken are: insecure and brain dead !

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