PCB Invites Australia for ODI Series in Pakistan

In a bid to bring international cricket back to the country, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has sent an invite to Cricket Australia (CA) to play two ODIs in Pakistan.

PCB, who has seen a similar offer turned down by New Zealand Cricket Board in the recent past, is now seeking an answer from the Australian board.

The two teams are scheduled to play a five-match ODI series in March next year. The board has invited CA to play two of the five matches in Lahore or Karachi. The series is set to take place in UAE  from March 19 to 31 next year.

Interestingly, Cricket Australia is considering the proposal. They will send an inspection team to Pakistan to examine the security measures in the hosting city, according to reports from local media.

Since 2015’s Zimbabwe tour, Pakistan has hosted Sri Lanka, West Indies and World XI in last two years including the four matches of the two seasons of Pakistan Super League in the country.

The report suggests that the board, in its next move, will invite over South Africa for a limited over series.

PCB is gradually moving towards the revival of international cricket in Pakistan. With the steadily improving law and order situation in the country, PCB has already announced that it will host eight matches of the next PSL edition in Karachi and Lahore.

  • JohnRed

    Very funny…..not even bengalis intrested

    • Bengali : Bro Not Even Afghani (Ex Pakistan) Instrested :

    • Adeel

      Time will tell, so have patience my friend

    • shahid

      Every one has their agenda, bangali’s have to satisfy Indians and we understand that. We are not pushing anyone but International teams now have no reason to not visit Pakistan.

      • JohnRed

        I respect your thoughts, but there is no safety in our land, no big team will visit pakistan in next 20 years, due to that.

  • Rashid

    Do you guys know when was the last time Australia toured Pakistan ? It was 20 years ago in 1998-1999 .

    They were scheduled to tour in 2002 but they refused to come and preferred to play in Srilanka/UAE.

    Then the next tour was in 2008 which the refused again, Remember this was way before than the attack on Srilanka team and when others were still willing to tour Pakistan.

    And now we are expecting them to tour Pakistan when none is interested. I would call it a Joke.

    • Correct, but If they are sending security team to inspect the situation that may be hope to bring it, considering we would host psl matches without any issues and they then may consider touring.

      • Rashid

        That’s just a formality, couple of months ago PCB invited NZ, they sent the security team and guess what we will be playing with them next month in UAE….. lol