Scam Alert: Man Loses Rs. 2 Million After Sharing Bank Account Details Over the Phone

A man named Binte Khan has lost Rs 2 million from his bank account after he was forced to share the bank account details on phone.

Binte, a resident of Karachi, reportedly received a phone call on September 9 from an unknown number seeking his bank account details.

The caller reportedly introduced himself as a senior government officer, upon his refusal, the caller threatened him to destroy all his properties in North Waziristan.

‘I had no choice, I got scared and shared my bank account details with the caller,’ Binte told while lodging a complaint with the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA).

Khan told the FIA, in a broken voice with eyes full of tears, that he was deprived of his life savings of worth Rs 2 million from the bank account moments after the incident.

FIA has referred the case to the banking court and launched an inquiry into the matter.

After a week of investigation, the agency has learned that the defrauders have been operating in Sindh and Punjab.

The FIA revealed that they have three accused under the radar; namely Mohammad Iqbal, Muhammad Aslam and Rahman including others.

As per FIA’s details, Rs 1 million have been transferred to an account in Jhang under the title ‘Bushra Zahoor’.

The money was then withdrawn from 25 different mobile accounts.

FIA said it was making efforts to arrest the suspects after which a progress report will be filed in the court.

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