Pakistan’s First ‘Milk ATM’ Installed in Lahore

Remember when you had to queue up at a milkman’s shop and pay for the milk once it was your turn? Those days may be finally coming to an end, thanks to an innovative new idea that puts the milkman out of the equation.

If you have a bank account, you must have visited an ATM machine to withdraw cash. What if we tell you that now you, instead of cash, can ‘withdraw’ pure milk in a similar fashion from an ATM?

Shocked? So were we, when we first heard of the concept.

Presenting RoboCow, the Milk ATM

There’s a new startup in town, Mr Farmer, which has redefined the concept of how milk is sold here. Its new ATM, which it has dubbed as RoboCow, can help you get access to milk. It works just like a normal ATM machine.

‘RoboCow,’ which is seemingly inspired by RoboCop – a famous sci-fi flick –  requires you to put in some money, and in return provides you with a liter or more of milk.


These retailer machines, which promise premium pasteurized milk, have been installed across Lahore. Their biggest advantage? It is available around the clock.

If you still haven’t tried Mr Farmer’s RoboCow – you should check out Lahore’s Rehmat Chowk Market, or in D3 Market Wapda Town, Lahore. The startup has installed a couple of machines in the preliminary phase and aims to expand its Milk ATMs to other cities.

Image Credits: Mr Farmer

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