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Lahore Police to Fine Bikes Without Side Mirrors From November 1st

Lahore Police is set to make the city’s traffic more safe and secure, and has introduced a number of regulatory changes to improve its control over the metropolitan’s traffic.

As part of its latest changes, Lahore authorities have made it compulsory for citizens to re-install rear-view side mirrors on their motorcycles, and those who fail to comply will be penalized.


Lahore Bans Entry for Bikers without Helmets on Mall Road

The change will take a week or so to be put in effect, so that citizens can take notice and prepare themselves for the city’s new law, which will be fully implemented starting 1st of November. Motorcycles riders with no side-mirrors will face heavy fines after 31st of October.

As per Liaqat Ali Malik, the city’s CTO, citizens should install side-view mirrors in their motorcycles to ensure safety, so as to maneuver with ease in harsh traffic, he said in a public service message.

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Lahore Authorities on a Crackdown

This isn’t the only change that we got to see recently. Lahore authorities have started a crackdown to inflict greater control over motorcyclists, as well as other commuters who fail to comply with the region’s traffic laws.

Another recent change was done in relation to underage drivers – a common occurrence in Pakistan – in which parents were to be fined or worse, jailed for non-compliance.


You Can Now View and Print Fines from E-Challan System in Lahore

The authorities also started issuing e-challans using Punjab Safe City surveillance cameras. Any person who violates a traffic signal will be sent a digital e-challan after his/her vehicle’s number plate gets scanned by any camera while ignoring a traffic signal.

The list goes on. We expect authorities to make similar changes in other cities like Islamabad and Rawalpindi as well.

    • Now they understood their limits properly.
      Bikers needs to install mirror and make a habit of Helmet.

      Cameras did very well job for bikers
      And for Cars, now most of the car stop before line.

    • Who define this Limit… You?
      I think you need to read all traffic rules first then post comment about that.

    • I don’t blame you because you might not have been trained properly, or got the ‘road sense’ to consider side mirrors useful. I am not sure if my messages to CTP Lahore on Twitter had something to do with it, but i nagged them A LOT in recent years to implement this. And MAN am i happy to see this change. This will make the riders aware of all directions around them,and not just front.

    • Ap jeso ki zindagi save krny k liye kar raha hia
      jin ko kudh koi parwa nahi hoti
      likin ghar walon ko tension di hoti hai

      • mery bhai every bike comes with side mirror pre installed… People actually do the effort to remove them… Is main sakhti ki konsi baat hai.

    • Better late than never.
      These changed should have been introduced along with Traffic Warden’s introduction back in the years. I’m glad that finally the department is doing some REAL efforts to improve road safety.

  • YESSS YESS. THIS. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED. Official Stance of Traffic Police in NOT JUST Helmets, but on Rear View Mirrors. Motorcyclists in PK/India are one of the worst in terms of equipping safety and road etiquettes. They never know who’s behind them when they are in speed. Me being a biker, consider my fellow bikers to be the most dangerous threat to myself, while on the road.

    Even now i see a lot of people complaining that this decision is “crossing limits” and these people, infact, are the ones who never want to improve.

    BY FAR THE BEST DECISION taken in YEARS of road safety. I’d love to see this implemented ALL OVER Pakistan.

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