All Private Schools to Remain Closed Tomorrow

All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APSF) has announced that all private schools across the country will remain closed on Thursday, November 1.

President PSA Kashif Mirza made this announcement on Wednesday evening.

He explained that the decision was taken following the critical law and order situation created across the country after the Supreme Court’s decision acquit a blasphemy convict.


Mobile Services Go Offline in Lahore

“Due to the reports of protests breaking out Schools have been put on high alert. The transportation services have been suspended in all over Pakistan,” Mirza stated.

“Owing to prevalent law and order situation, students are advised to restrict their movement till the next day to safe & secure as a safety measure,” he added.


Pakistan Grinds to a Halt After Asia Bibi’s Acquittal

Mirza said the association is closely monitoring the current situation and will soon announce the future strategy.

It is to be mentioned here that Pakistan comes to a grinding halt after a three members supreme court bend headed by the chief justice acquitted a Christian woman sentenced to death by a lower court on blasphemy charges.

Following the verdict, protests erupt across the country leading to the suspension of routine life and businesses and trade activities in the country.


  • Whats with the urgency? Supreme court could acquit her during winter break. Its not that releasing Asia immediately was going to make her safe, or return her previous years. Actually, looks like SC got an offer it could not refuse. There isnt anything else to suggest otherwise.

    The truth about Raymond Davis came out. This one will, as well, in due course of time.

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