PTCL Transforms Key Exchanges in Islamabad to Provide High-speed Internet to Customers

Under the comprehensive Network Transformation Project (NTP), Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has transformed key exchanges in Bahria Town, Shaheen Town, Tarlai and I-10 exchanges in Islamabad.

Now, customers residing in these areas are able to experience reliable and high-speed internet.

The transformation has already started to show great results as 53 exchanges, out of the 100 which were initially planned, have been successfully transformed, thus positively impacting approximately 50 per cent of PTCL’s overall customer base.


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Complaints have considerably reduced by 30 per cent where the network has been upgraded. This has resulted in efficient complaint resolution through ‘Motive’, which is a unique innovation tool for wireline business aimed at identification of complaint’s cause.

Through a transformed network, PTCL can provide a faster connection with the improved copper network and the new fibre network. PTCL has installed 300,000 high-quality new equipment for customer premises nationwide this year, which offers ultra-high data rates of up to 100 mbps. Up to 16 users can connect to the high-quality modems at the same time through Wi-Fi.


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Arslan Haider, Regional General Manager, PTCL, Islamabad said, “This project has provided numerous benefits to our customers and overall we have had a positive response. For PTCL, NTP is a huge factor in our current increase in overall efficiency in complaint resolution. In the long run, a satisfied customer base will result in not only acquiring new customers but also enable PTCL to contend on another level with the competition.”

This project is truly the flag bearer of a vibrant, progressive and dynamic customer oriented way forward of PTCL as the market leader of the digital age in Pakistan.

  • i called 1218 for a ptcl connection but they kept giving me ads and told me to press buttons after that was completed they said please wait while we direct your call to an agent.After about 10 mins! they directed my call and the agent declined the call as soon as i said my name.
    Naya PTCL ,Purani pathetic services!

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