Resolution Submitted in Punjab Assembly Asking Govt to Take Over Careem, Uber

The launch of ride-hailing services especially Careem and Uber provided quality and comfortable transport services to the citizens, especially in major urban centres.

However, despite being efficient, affordable and cost-effective the app-based services were dragged into controversies repeatedly.

Since their launch, the ride-hailing services are in the news sometime for totally wrong reasons.  The transport authorities, especially in Sindh and Punjab repeatedly locked horns with the services, threatening them with closure over issues of regulations and route permits.


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Last month the controversy surrounding the services and the provincial authorities of Sindh surfaced again when the Sindh transport minister ordered Careem and Uber to obtain route permits within a week or be prepared to face a ban.

Somehow, the services managed to sort out these issue and are operating in the country.

Today, two provincial assembly members of Punjab moved a resolution to the Assembly calling upon the government to bring the ride-hailing services especially Uber and Careem under its control.


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Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MPAs Makhdoom Usman and Raees Nabeel jointly submitted the motion in the Assembly.

The text of the motion states; “The citizens’ complaints regarding Careem and Uber are increasing day by day. The app-based services’ treatment with the citizen is not appropriate. The drivers and vehicles’ owners registered with the companies are not getting their due rights.”

The motion called upon the government to take over the ride-hailing services and run these under its supervision so that the people not only get better transportation services but they are provided with jobs opportunities.

  • What a stupid resolution. Its a private business only thing government can and should do is to create regulatory framework for it. The text of 2nd last Para is just hilarious

  • Koi bataye ga in “Butto k Jiyalon” ko k uber America se operate karti hai aur carrem dubai se so how would govt take over these ride hailing companies? Matric fails ko assembly mai lanay ka yahi nuqsan hai…

    • 2 kaudi ki aukaat nai hogi aur yeh namoonay aesi resolution dena chahte hn. Private chez ko govt ke neeche laa kr satya nass krna chahte hn taakay inki corruption asaan ho jaye. Lanat ha in pe.

    • Jahil ke bachay hain yeh. Inki fake degrees koi pakarta nahi in jeson ko koi private firm chaprasi na rakhegi.

  • PPP jesi gandi, corrupt, ghatiya tareen aur beghairat jamaat shayad hi kahin hogi. Excuse my language. Gadhay ke bachay private business ko nationalise krna chahte hn taakay yeh sahulat bhi awam ke hath se nikal jaye. Lakh di lanat hai yar.

  • One word from me is

    DFM to ALL PPPs

    Gandi Party Ganda Manshoor Dafa ho jao Party walyo ki Takleef j hun is service ton

    Dubb k mar jao


  • “The citizens’ complaints regarding Careem and Uber are increasing day by day.”

    The citizens complaints against PPP are also increasing day by day, when will government nationalize it ?

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