FIA Finds Pakistanis Involved in Child Pornography in Spain

Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cybercrime cell, Captain retired Muhammad Shoaib has revealed that they have received information about Pakistanis’ involvement in a pornography ring in Spain.

He made the startling revelation while speaking to a local TV channel. Captain retd. Shoaib said the Spanish authorities had contacted FIA regarding the development.

He told on TV that FIA had received evidence of Pakistanis being involved in child pornography on an international level.

He said the agency is receiving complaints regarding two types of criminals, those that are involved in pornography at a local level, and the ones who are connected with international rings.

DG FIA maintained that the recent arrest in Karachi was also in connection with the complaints.

For those unaware of the case, FIA had, on Saturday, arrested a Karachi-based person named Hamza involved in Child pornography. He is on a 14-day judicial remand.

“As far as the recent case is concerned, as many as 1,600 women and children who were Pakistani citizens to his [Whatsapp] group and we have evidence of this. We have proof of international members on the groups as well as they are not only reported in Pakistan but abroad as well,” Capt (retd) Shoaib explained.

He further explained that some of the members in his group were US citizens, as confirmed by the embassy.

The FIA official also revealed to have identified another suspect in the frontier. The guy had over 1,000 of videos of children, and that they were investigating who the other members of the group are.

Via: Geo News

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