Pakistan Citizen Portal App Shortlisted for a Global Award

Pakistan Citizen Portal app has been shortlisted for an award at the World Government Summit in Dubai.

A Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government official announced the news on his Twitter handle on Friday.

Akif Khan, the Deputy Director of E-Governance of KP, and the man behind the Citizen Portal app, among other officials will represent Pakistan in Dubai.

He said that this was the first time that any government application was shortlisted for the award and said that the finalists will be announced in the 7th edition of the three-day event in Dubai.

Pakistan Citizen Portal app is Shortlisted in Best Mobile Government Apps. The finalist will be announced in the World Govt Summit in Dubai. On the invitation of Prime Minister of Dubai, we will be representing Govt of Pak n KP. For the first time, any govt app shortlisted.

Pakistan Citizen Portal

Pakistan Citizen Portal was launched in October 2018. The app is an innovative program where citizens can lodge complaints, get their issues addressed and gained valuable insight on improving grassroots governance.

Through the app, citizens can register their complaints and suggestions for the government ministries, offices and departments.

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  • I have used this app to complain about garbage collection service of Cantonment board rawalpindi and to my surprise ir get solved without anything happening on ground so its all fake and nothing been done atleast in my case

  • I left a complaint regarding “EithadGroup” fraud and guess I had a call from FIA Cyber wing after 1 month regarding the complaint. Good Going PTI. Good Going Khan. make pakistan great again like 60’s.

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