PCB Bans Political Activities During PSL Matches

Pakistan Super League (PSL) has proved to be a massive event, helping revive international cricket in the country in addition to offering a launchpad for the young cricketers.

To further enhance the success of the event, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to ban all political activities during the league, reported a private media outlet earlier today.

It includes political slogans, political banners or any other object highlighting a political campaign in the grounds. The cricketing authority has prohibited the cricket fans from the aforementioned activities to make PSL a politics-free event.

Anyone found violating the ban will be expelled from the ground in addition to a certain amount of fine.

This is being done in order to enhance the reputation of the league and ensure a peaceful environment in the grounds for watching cricket.

Featured Image via Geo

Feature Writer

  • Excellent move by PCB. Some uneducated fools think it’s hilarious and witty to push their political agendas on EVERY occasion like the “GO NAWAZ GO” slogans last time. It’s actually insulting for visitors and foreign guests. Let everybody enjoy the game and take your political motives home. Stop dividing the nation for once and JUST HAVE FUN.

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