Indian Media Embarasses Itself After Sharing Photoshopped Image of ‘Terrorist’

With escalating tensions following the Pulwama Attack, the Indian media is running a fierce hate campaign against Pakistan.

According to the reports circulating over the internet, the suicide bomber became a militant after he was beaten by the Indian troops in the Occupied Kashmir. This is what leads to incidents like Pulwama and India is turning a blind eye to its own atrocities in the occupied valley.

However, evidence-based reporting is one thing and using morphed images of the slain Kashmiri freedom fighter to jazz up the hate campaign is another.

Let’s have a look at the fake photographs of Adil Dar, the main accused behind driving the explosive-laden vehicle into the Indian envoy, circulated by the Indian media to fuel their campaign.

Several reputed media outlets, including India Today, India TV, The Economic Times, Outlook and a few others shared this photo, which is clearly altered.

Here are some of the screenshots and tweets/news pieces.

Note: A number of media outlets changed the featured images/deleted tweets following a backlash on social media.

Even the Indians know the reality by now.

Let’s now move onto how they did it.

Editing a photo these days is a piece of cake, isn’t it?

Looks familiar? Yep.

You just saw it a while ago, with a face, that too of Adil Dar.

The image is taken from an Amazon app titled ‘Police Suit Photo Frame Maker’ which anyone, especially Indians, can use to make you Adil Dar.

No prizes for guessing.

And, this is why you can’t really trust the authenticity of news shared by such outlets, can you?

Via AltNews

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