Pakistan Begins ‘Preparation of War’ as JF-17 Aircrafts Patrol Lahore

It seems Pakistan armed forces have started preparation for war as Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft were seen flying over Lahore, Sialkot and close to the Line of Control (LoC).

Several crowd source videos have surfaced on social media indicating the fact that PAF jets were observed thundering over the skies on Thursday.

The incident was reported hours after Prime Minister Imran Khan gave the go-ahead to Pakistan’s armed forces to respond decisively against any Indian misadventure.

Though the situation on the borders and LoC is tensed, Pakistani people, instead of panicking, seemed rather animated about it. Here’s how social media reacted to this:

  • these planes were not flown to counter india….it was just scramble excersise – to see what india is doing we have saab 2000 and zdk-03 AWACS.

  • Pk needs to do a nuclear test as soon as possible. On diplomatic front we r not doing enuf. We are not telling world why so much indian army is in kashmir

  • We are ready with our Pakistan Defense Forces to retaliate ultimately to the Indian Aggression if they did. Nothing above the PAKISTAN. We’ll give and take lives for the sake of our Beloved homeland against any blunder imposed. PAK FORCES ZINDABAD – PAKISTAN PAINDABAD.

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