Indian Jets Entered Pakistani Airspace, Went Back Immediately After PAF Responded

Indian War planes reportedly entered Pakistani Airspace earlier in the morning around 3:30am but were quick to return back to bases when Pakistan Air Forces scrambled the jets.

DG ISPR, Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor, confirmed the incident on his official Twitter account and said that timely response from PAF sent the Indian Jets back to their bases.

Spokesperson further confirmed that Indian Jets entered Pakistani Airspace through Muzafarabad sector, but they had to empty pay load and return back after Pakistani war planes confronted them.

No casualties were reported.

This is first major intrusion from Indian side after much escalated border situation between both the nuclear states.

Reports from Occupied Kashmir confirm that Indian Jets were seen in skies around Srinagar.

Pakistan has confirmed the strongest response in case of any misadventures by India and said that Pakistan Army will defend the motherland till the last bullet and last breath.


Real Story Behind India’s “Air Strike” and Why PAF Didn’t Shoot Down the Jets


Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor has now shared images of the site where IAF dropped the payload to rush back.


  • LOL

    IAF dropped 1000 kg bombs across LoC

    As usual Pak Army too afraid…..if its true why didn’t Pak Air force attack back into the Indian territory?

    Haha jokers

    • Because we don’t have war hysteria like you.
      BTW… how many of your military personnel died in Pulwama?….
      Sleep tight, and lick your wounds tomorrow.

    • Pakistan ko attack karne ki zarurat he nhn hai , Hamara kaam Modi khud kar raha hai apni army k bande marwa k, latest casualty Phulwama hai let’s see agla target kya hota hai 🤔🤔🤔

  • When Indian Air Force, Govt. and media are done admitting that they entered Pakistan Air Space, FO should collect all these Indian media reports to UN as evidence. Demand an emergency session of UN Security Council, and sanctions on India for violating ceasefire agreement. Moreover, get OIC to kick India from observer participation in upcoming meeting.
    A good chance to defeat India on diplomatic front.

  • One tweet of DGISPR says Indian Jets came 3-4 miles inside LOC and the other tweet says they dropped payloads near Balakot. Is Balakot 3-4 miles inside LOC? So much for the ‘professionalism’ of our ‘Number 1’ institution.

  • Just to be clear: Balakot is not in Azad Kashmir.

    If Indian Air Force planes dropped payload in Balakot, they crossed across the LOC, and then across the entirety of Azad Kashmir, and then into Khyber Pakhtukhwa.

    India didn’t “cross the LOC”.

    It has attacked Pakistan.

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