These Tips Might Keep You Safe in Case of War

As the tensions rise between Pakistan and its nuclear-armed neighbor, the threat of a full-scale war is more real than ever.

Pulwama Incident served as a trigger point for escalation of hostility amidst Modi’s BJP seeking another term in power. Pakistani armed forces, having warned India against any misadventures, are on high alert to defy any aggression from across the border.

Indian media and certain sections of the nation are playing their part in propagating hatred against Pakistan and the talk of war on Indian TV channels is a routine matter these days.

While a full-scale war is not in the best interest of the two nuclear powers, Prime Minister Imran Khan has still urged the armed forces and the nation to be prepared.

Here are some of the points that you need to keep in mind if war breaks out.

Pay Attention to Warnings

In times of war, air raid warnings are a common practice. Sirens and hooters can inform the public about any expected aggression.

If that happens, take cover and keep your loved ones inside. While you may not be safe even inside your homes, you have a better chance of surviving an air strike. Keep in mind that the most injuries and casualties result from fragments of blasts and not the direct hits, therefore, you must take cover at the earliest.

Build an Underground Bunker Before it’s Too Late

While it involves construction and a fair bit of planning, building an underground bunker is one of the safest ways to stay out of trouble during the war.

In Case of Nuclear Attack, Take Shelter

While everyone would want the two sides to refrain from all-out nuclear war, the chance is still there. If that happens, there is still a chance for you to survive. Don’t panic and find shelter at the earliest. While a concrete fallout bunker can fully prevent you from the radiation, the least you can do is take cover.

In such a situation, avoid looking at the fireball as it can blind you.


Here is How You Can Survive a Nuclear War!

The radioactive fallout disperses from ground zero to far off places in no time and you have to get inside at the earliest. Lay down on the ground, or hide behind anything that can offer protection, if you can’t get inside in time.

Get clean as soon as possible, after the fallout, to brush aside the radiation. Pack the contaminated clothes in a sealed bag and keep it away from humans and animals.

Wait for the signal from the authorities to come out as the radiation might still be present even if a nuclear explosion takes place hundreds if miles away. Stay away from areas marked with ‘radiation hazard’ or other signals.

Stock Food, Medical Supplies, and Water

If war seems likey, you must ensure that you have a lot of food, water, and medical supplies. Use these wisely and refrain from wasting anything. You might need it for a long time, especially in the aftermath of a nuclear blast. You must keep a first-aid kit with yourself at all times for an emergency.

Also, keep in mind that there will be panic buying if the situation becomes worse so it might be wise to stock up before the government issues an official notification of war.

Get a Radio, Keep your Phone Charged

Following the war, you are going to need your phone as well as a radio or any other source of news. Keep your phone charged and use it sparingly.

TV, phones and other communication devices might not work for a few days as critical infrastructure may be affected.


If a certain area is sensitive, meaning that it can be easily targeted, you might be asked by the authorities to evacuate. In such a situation, don’t argue. Simply get your most valuable belongings and leave the area as soon as possible.

Tier-2 cities will give you a better chance of surviving a war.

These are some of the general measures to keep yourself protected during war days. Here is our guide on how to survive a nuclear war.

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