Security Guard Loots Over 60 Lockers of a Private Bank in Karachi

A security guard of a private bank near Disco Bakery in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal area, along with his accomplices, have looted 66 lockers and fled with millions of rupees in cash, jewelry, and other valuables.

The robbery took place on Sunday night at around 7 pm.

The guard, recognized as Kashif, also took along the DVR of the bank’s CCTV footage besides the weapons of guards on duty.

According to Gulshan-e-Iqbal Police SP, the security guard in question is already wanted in six cases including a bank robbery across the city.

The on-duty guard, who was found hit and tied with ropes when the police arrived, told them that when he came on duty, he saw something unusual was going on.

Before he could contemplate the situation, Kashif hit him with the gun on the head and tied his limbs. He said they were more than two people without giving the exact number.

According to the police, the bank manager Syed Ashraf Zaidi visited the bank over citizens’ complaint that the ATM was not working.

Upon his arrival, he found that there was no guard outside. When he peeped in, he saw a glimpse of a guard who was tied.

Zaidi immediately called the police, who upon arrival found that three security guards were tied up and their weapons and belongings were gone.

The bank manager informed the police that 66 lockers were broken and all the valuables worth Rs. 3.4 million, including the DVRs of the CCTV, were taken away.

According to SP Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Kashif was involved in a similar bank robbery five years ago and was released just a few months ago after serving four years in jail.

He was hired in a private security firm just last month – the firm has failed to provide his details.

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