PSL 2019’s Success Forces D Sport to Resume TV Coverage in India

After numerous failed attempts to isolate Pakistan at the global stage, Indian authorities and other entities are coming back to their senses.

Indian sports channel, D Sport, has resumed television coverage of Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2019 in India. The channel had earlier withdrawn from telecasting the league following the tensions between Pakistan and India.

The move speaks for the success of Pakistan’s biggest T20 tournament, which is the reason why the Indian channel has restarted airing the matches despite massive pressure from the extremist groups in the country.

It looks like the other side of the border, especially those not linked to the BJP’s war-mongering mafia, are realizing the true side of the story, that all this was a huge stunt to promote hatred against Pakistan among the masses.

Earlier, Former Indian cricketer, Sourav Ganguly had also refused to remove cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan’s portrait from Eden Gardens cricket stadium in Kolkatta.

India has had to face defeat on all fronts, whether its the face-off between the two air forces, sharing evidence of the surgical strike and downing an F-16, or international sporting bodies’ decision to penalize India for politicizing sports, embarrassment has looked India in the eye at all turns.

The cricket lovers in India would definitely appreciate the move as everyone wants to watch good quality cricket.

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  • We (Pak India) Didn’t Want to War But We Want to Share In Between Peace, Humanity Etc together :

  • DSport is owned by Discovery group. Obviously, there is money involved and they had paid the broadcasters for rights. And without broadcasting in India, they were going to lose their investment. And just so you know, DSport only stopped broadcasting because employees were receiving death threats hence they had to stop the broadcast at that time. No business in their right mind would invest in something to pull off any ridiculous stunt. Same is the case of Cricbuzz. Human life is more important than anything.

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