18-Year Old Develops App to Fight Street Crime in Cities Like Karachi

“Success and hard work have no age and can only be achieved if you don’t stop”, says the 18-year-old Faizullah Arain. At such a young age, this boy may have developed the solution to Karachi’s crime problem.


Getting mugged in Karachi is nothing new and very few lucky people have not undergone this traumatizing experience.

Faizullah’s application named “Crighter” will help people in these situations by giving them a chance to find the culprit. Not only this, but it also helps the users avoid criminal hotspots of the city.

How it Works

The application is freely available for all Android users. All you need to do is sign up and provide an emergency number. All the information will be sent to the emergency number you provide.

This application collects five images, audio and location data and sends it to the emergency number. In case, you are not connected to the internet, all the information is sent via text messages. To activate the app, all you need to do is press the power button thrice, the application starts collecting data right there.

The best part about it is that all the crime instances are saved in the database and are converted into smart maps based on geostatistical methods. The smart map shows dangerous, safe and normal zones to mark out your route when going out.


About the Developer

Faizullah Arain

Faizullah has been into app development since he was in 8th grade. He has mainly learned all his skills via YouTube and online courses. He has built a name in the market and is currently working as a freelancer and an entrepreneur. His first paycheck was $600 for a website that got accepted on the 200th attempt.

He says, a little luck and hard work makes everything possible and this is how he embarked on his road to success. He is a child prodigy in a literal sense.

You can download Crighter from Google Play Store.


  • OK, But hang several criminals without any pressure from human rights. Things will be very good within days.

  • ye akele bande ka task nahi he is me bhot low level pe rja kar code kea gaya he. or phir data store karne ke lie API’s bhi use hui han. so agar kisi or ne bhi ap ke sath ise develop kea he to kindly use bhi mention karen.

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