Mickey Arthur Explains the Plan Behind Testing New Players Against Australia

Amid debates over Shoaib Malik’s controversial remarks, Pakistan head coach Mickey Arthur has clarified that every time Pakistan team goes out on the field, they want to win.

“Every time we go on to the field, we go there to win for Pakistan”, he asserted in the pre-match conference on Tuesday.

The move to test the bench strength has yielded decent results as Mohammad Rizwan and Haris Sohail scored their maiden ODI centuries and teenage pacer Mohammad Hasnain made an impressive debut.

In a press conference, Arthur highlighted the fact that the critics are never happy with anything.

We always get castigated for not trying new players and now we are getting castigated for giving opportunities to new players. I think people need to understand that we are a very passionate team.

Talking about providing opportunities to the youngsters, he said:

We have called this a tour of opportunities and it is so good to see this boys train and work hard. Yes, they are getting to that standards and they are not there yet. If we can get them there, then Pakistan cricket is going to see some good cricketers, in a good state.

‘We are trying to increase the depth of Pakistan cricket’, he added.

Talking about the transformation of good players into very good players, he said:

The guys that we have brought in here, their attitudes have been outstanding. I think we got to realise that we have players who are of the international level, the chaps that are here are very good cricketers and will become very good cricketers.

The next two matches are scheduled in Dubai on Friday and Sunday.

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