Why Co-Working Office Space is the Best Bet for Your Business

Do you have trouble doing work from your makeshift office; one at your home or a café?

There are distractions, there is a lack of facilities and a range of other issues. You often find yourself wishing that all the bells and whistles of a normal office were available to you, so that you can achieve maximum productivity and results when it comes to fostering your business.

Is there a solution for all this? Investing in an office, with all the hardware, infrastructure and managerial staff is easier said than done. It is also quite prohibitively expensive for today’s professionals, entrepreneurs and students. We all want something more affordable and all inclusive after all.

Co-working spaces present the ideal solution to these problems; you get to enjoy, better facilities, better networking opportunities with people from different backgrounds, flexibility in terms of sizing of your staff and above all its super cost effective. Some co-working spaces also have private offices in their facilities, allowing people to maintain their privacy for working while, having access to a range of shared services.

For All Your Co-Working Space Needs

Co-working spaces offer an array of opportunities for you to grow your business. It is quite commonplace for entrepreneurs, startups and even multinationals, in the western world to operate from co-working spaces. In Pakistan, the concept is still relatively new and such places have just started to emerge. Some of them, like SEEDS are located in the central urban districts of major cities. SEEDS is a chic place located in Zamzama Karachi. The place is well designed to maintain a balance between the artsiness and professional feel. . It’s an impact hub for today’s youngsters who are eager to achieve professional milestones as they put their entrepreneurial mindset to use.

Unlike most other co-working spaces, SEEDS goes an extra mile in its efforts to inspirit the startup culture in Pakistan; SEEDS also acts as a business incubator extending both financial and managerial support to budding entrepreneurs with promising business ideas. Anyone with a commercially viable idea can present it to the management and can secure startup capital, access to exquisite office space and mentorship opportunities from veteran businessmen with proven success.

Fully Featured Facilities for the Modern Worker

SEEDS has all the facilities that you may wish for in your office:

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Receptionist
  • Office Boy
  • Tea-Coffee Station
  • Printer and Scanner
  • Relaxing Lounge
  • Elevator
  • 24/7 Access
  • Security Guards
  • Standby Generator

With all the modern amenities a modern workspace requires, that’s plenty of reason to become a part of SEEDS. Get your own private office or book your seat in the shared workspace today.

For further details regarding the booking process and availability of space, contact the management of SEEDS at 021-353SEEDS (73337), 0307-0073337 or visit their website www.visitseeds.com.

    • What else does “24/7 Access” mean to you? Is night not included in your 24 hours or do you live someplace where the sun never sets?

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