Handcuffing Suspects Before Conviction is Un-Islamic: CII

According to the Coun­cil of Islamic Ideology (CII), handcuffing suspects prior to conviction is against the Islamic principles.

Humiliating the suspects on media before their conviction is against human dignity as the two-day meetup has resulted in forming a committee under the supervision of CII member retired Justice Raza Khan. The committee will be responsible for reviewing the National Accountability Ordinance to identify sections of the law that are against Islamic principles.

CII chairman Dr. Qibla Ayaz informed the media about the meeting:

Handcuffing can be allowed only when there is threat of violence by the accused.

Furthermore, he expressed CII’s concerns over immoral slogans used in the Aurat March, attributing it to ‘disintegration of the family system’.

Such behavior cannot be changed with charged slogans and rhetoric. There is a need to determine the reasons and environment leading to such actions.

He also said that the meeting discussed the recent murder of Edgerton College Bahawalpur’s Associate Professor Khalid Hameed.

The education system in the country needs an overhauling as there is lack of coordination and informal contacts between students and teachers. Besides healthy activities including extracurricular activities have almost died down.

The meeting termed forced conversions as ‘incorrect’ and also discussed the sale of liquor in the name of other religions. They also hailed New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern’s handling of the situation following Christchurch mass shootings.

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