Instagram Launches First Ever Ramadan Campaign & Photo Filter

Social media has a marked effect on its users. Where it can be used for all things bad, it is also being used for doing good around the world. An example of this is the new initiative by Instagram.

Instagram is launching its first-ever Ramadan campaign this year with the hashtag ‘#MonthOfGood’. The social media platform is calling its users to do small acts of kindness for this campaign. It can be a nice comment, thanking your family, donating or even volunteering.

Instagram is encouraging its users to share small acts of kindness with the community in order to spread awareness and help others follow the same path.

Ramadan Filter

In the spirit of Ramadan, Instagram has also launched a new filter that uses ornamental Arabesque design style. The filter is named as, ‘the lantern effect’ and uses subtle bokeh like most of Instagram features. The effect has bokeh crescents all over the screen and also has different layers that can surface by tapping on the screen.

The crescent shape is available in three styles: bokeh, Arabic Ramadan greeting, and English Ramadan greeting.

Positive Results

The campaign is inspiring many people all around the world. If we look at the UAE, the use of words ‘donate’ and ‘donation’ went up by 97 percent. This campaign is asking its followers to share their acts of kindness under the above-mentioned hashtag and the new camera effect.

Strategic Partner Manager at Instagram for the MENA region, Samer Jamal, said in a statement,

Instagram is a diverse, global community and Ramadan is one of the biggest cultural moments celebrated on the platform. Our data shows that Ramadan is a time when people come to Instagram to share their moments of kindness and good deeds – with words associated with charity increasing significantly. Kindness does not have to be a grand gesture. In fact, small and unexpected acts can have a huge impact on someone’s day. That’s why we’re delighted to launch #MonthOfGood and our first ever Ramadan camera effect so that people on Instagram have a fun and creative way to express their good deeds and celebrations this Holy Month. We can’t wait to be inspired by the acts of kindness – big and small – shared by the Instagram community this Ramadan.

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