ARM is Launching New Chips with Significant Performance Improvements

ARM, the company responsible for the design of chips used in most smartphones these days, has just announced its new and improved upcoming chips.

The company has unveiled two new chip architectures that promise great performance improvements, namely the Cortex-A77 CPU and the Mali-G77 GPU.

The Improvements Made

The Mali-G77 is said to bring a whopping 60% improvement in machine learning speed. It’s the company’s first chip based on ARM’s Valhall GPU architecture, promising a 40% improvement in performance over the G76. It is also 30% more energy efficient than its predecessor.

The Cortex-A77 meanwhile, is a refinement of the last year’s A76. The new hardware on the A77 claims 20% faster single-core performance without affecting efficiency. It also comes with 35x faster machine learning performance when compared to the old A55 chip.

We can’t say for sure when we’ll see these newer chip designs in our smartphones. It all depends on when companies like Qualcomm, Samsung, and others start implementing them into their SoCs.

Needless to say that overall performance is going to improve in the near future, especially for flagships.