Shoaib Malik Among List of Players With Worst Batting Averages in England

Shoaib Malik has drawn in plenty of criticism following his back-to-back ducks against Australia and India.

Despite having a poor record in England, Pakistan team selectors and the team management have stuck with Malik on the expense of a more deserving Haris Sohail. Even Asif Ali would have been a better bet than Malik considering Malik’s not-so-great all-round abilities.

The 37-year-old is still being picked in the playing XI merely because of his seniority, something which has punished Pakistan badly in the World Cup and has been visible on the field as well.

A list of worst batting averages in the UK was issued recently and it mostly consists of England’s own players.

When it comes to numbers, Shoaib Malik has an average of 13.07 in the UK, finding himself in the company of England’s bowlers only.

Here are the worst batting averages ever in England (minimum 20 innings):

  • 10.15 – James Anderson
  • 11.95 – Daren Gough
  • 12.83 – Graeme Swann
  • 13.07 – Shoaib Malik
  • 13.55 Stuart Broad

The team management’s persistence with Malik raises a number of questions considering they already have other players to fill his shoes. Even Shadab and Imad have regularly shown that they have more potential as genuine allrounders if given a proper chance.

Stats via Mazher Arshed

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  • Shoaib Malik needs to retire while he still can before he is forced out and his legacy is this disgrace.

    • What legacy can you point out? His normal batting average is, i mean its upto you if u r pointing out legacy then whats his legacy?

  • The problem is not his average, the problem is in our system who allow such mediocre players to survive for 20+ years.

  • Don’t forget his credentials as “brother of Mdm. Firdous Awan, who even met the board chairman in a bid to ensure Shoaib’s inclusion.
    Salutes to IK’s team

    • That happened in PPP tenure. Didn’t happen this time. Shoaib Malik was already in the final WC squad way before Firdous Aashiq got the ministry.

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