Here’s Why Sarfaraz Ahmed Was Yawning in Match Against India

The embarrassing footage of Pakistan team’s captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed yawning during the match with India while wicket-keeping has been making rounds on social media.

The screenshot of the Sarfaraz’s wide open mouth has already given birth to a million memes on the internet. While it was bizarre to see a cricket team’s captain yawning during the biggest clash in the World Cup, the reason behind his lack of sleep is even more disturbing.

According to the sources, Sarfaraz had a sleepless night ahead of the clash against India over team selection matters.

The 32-year-old wanted to field Asif Ali and pacer Mohammad Hasnain in the high-profile match, however, the Chief Selector, Inzamam-ul-Haq, thought otherwise.

The long debate between the Head Coach Mickey Arthur, Sarfraz, and Inzamam kept most of the team management on their toes considering the intense nature of the match. Sarfraz spent the whole night trying to convince the team management but it was all in vain as both players were not included in the final XI.

Reports have it that Inzamam’s words carried more weight and that he has a final say in team selection matters in the UK despite the fact that he was not supposed to be traveling with the team.

His job was done following the announcement of World Cup squad well before the event started. This is the reason why Shoaib Malik still got to play the match against the will of team captain and cricket pundits.

It has also been reported that Sarfaraz confronted the team after the match against India and told them he was aware of lobbying against him and would take the lobbyists with him if Pakistan loses this World Cup.

  • It doesnt matter if he was in discussion “THE WHOLE NIGHT” which i doubt :(
    He should have had a good night sleep before a crucial match to be able to make the right decisions with the right state of mind.
    If he cant do that then he shouldnt be captain at all.

  • he was making merry with his missus whom the pcb allowed to join the players after defeat against austrailia. Fast Forward 9 months and he be celebrating the addition of a new member in the family.

  • The full night discussion cannot be digested there might be other reasons, the discussion may not half an hour or so, he did not disclose the decision of fielding first?

  • Inzimam ul haq misuses his powers having long beard n topi on his head that is totally HARAM he must be fire from his post he does not deserve this because he do not care the country.

  • If the captain doesn’t has the decision power and ability to convince others on his decision of playing 11 for the match then he shouldn’t be the captain anymore.

  • What a load of rubbish. Do you mean to say that the team wasn’t finalized before and was finalized hours before match? What about planning of strategies, roles and responsibilities of individual players? Captain was convincing selectors of getting the right players hours before the match? THIS IS EMBARRASSING.

  • Sarfaraz should have thought about the weather that there would be a chance of rain and if would have happened so, there would be a chance of DWL for the followed batting team and there would be a loss of the match. Even after winning the toss and choosing to field was a strategic mistake for which he should repent for the rest of his life and for the history of cricket. Whatever it is, but the decision had helped India to win the match with a huge margin. Bad luck to Sarfaraz.

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