Ramiz Raja Rules Out Pakistan’s Chances for WC Semis Due to Two Senior Players

Pakistan cricket team’s lackluster performance at the World Cup has raised a number of questions, with plenty of criticism at the team management and senior players.

Former captain, Ramiz Raja has lashed out at keeping two 38-year-old cricketers in the team, saying that Pakistan is never going to win with this combination. He said this in a video shared on his YouTube channel, Ramiz Speaks.

We can never win a tournament with two 38-year-olds in the side. It is high time we introduce new talent in the team.

The inclusion of Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik together in the team disturbs the team combination. The 1992 World Cup winner added that it is high time to introduce fresh talent in the team.

What’s the use of Babar Azam’s talent, if he could not win us matches and what’s the use of Fakhar Zaman at the opening slot if he could not play like Rohit Sharma and that was the difference between India and Pakistan.

Here is the video:

The renowned commentator called for a complete overhaul of the team while bashing the usefulness of talented batsmen like Fakhar Zaman and Babar Azam.

The time has come for a complete revamp of Pakistan cricket team, because our World Cup ends when we lose to India, and the way we lost to them it was a no show and it seems that Pakistan was not in the contest.

Raja ruled out the possibility of Pakistan qualifying for the semis.

Pakistan’s World Cup campaign is almost over. Their net run-rate is the lowest. Only Afghanistan is below them. Even if they win their remaining matches the chances of Pakistan advancing are very slim.

Following a poor World Cup campaign til now, it is time for a complete revamp of Pakistan team considering they couldn’t do anything despite 5 years of preparation.

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  • Ramiz Raja’S comments in this article are as useless as his commentary. Could not have made it to the Pakistani team if it wasn’t for his elder brother…. what a looser…

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